Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The Mirage of Colour

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Have you ever asked yourself if you’ve ever been the bad guy of the story? Have you ever imagined what harm you might have done to someone with a word you said unknowingly or a reaction you displayed over something? Socializing is our nature and these events are prone to happen to us and us to others without knowledge. And the worst part of this story is when you are the legit bad guy.

I, loving to do outreaches and community services, have been through a lot of interactions with many people over the course of my few years of existence; some of them are good and some not as great. But at the end of the day, you get to go home with some new knowledge of some kind. Be it good or bad, it sticks with you most of the times and often hard to shake off once it does.

I said it and I’ll say it again, I love community services majorly because doing good for others makes you feel awesome and happy; which is based on a scientific background of chemicals and hormones that I’ll talk about some day and, it is a form of charity whereby I being Muslim, am taught that I shouldn’t delay it because it is a guard to calamities and that it reduces the Anger of Allah upon you. I don’t know about you but with the kind of world we’re living in today, I’ll take charity any day of the week.

So whenever I leave for charity work in the morning, I make sure to remove every bit of my ego that my mind can allow and leave it at home when I leave. Because I want to give my all that day. And in the high profile works in the charity pile that I involve with, naturally you get high profile people ya’ani with better living standards than you. And I think you all know what the stereo type regarding better quality of life comes with; light skin (Ooooo controversy detecteeed 😱)

Fast forward to the charity event, we’re all doing the work, me throwing myself at any work I can get and doing it and everyone’s busy and tired. Then one thing happens. Somehow a manifestation in the form of the level of respect you receive begins to deplete. And you notice this painfully in the treatment you receive in regard to how other stereotype light skin people are treated around you. You know what hurts though, it isn’t the natural disregard of coloured people due to societal norms and preaches of why such a colour is meant for lower classes of people or how one is regarded impure because their ethnic background is a cocktail of many cultures, I get that. We can blame society in setting up such a mind set in them and that can be undone with awareness and miracles. 

What hurts is how damn hard it is to be good.

Do you know how hard it is to convince your mind to dim their non-verbal sensing skills and rant to it how you’re only doing this for Allah whilst you are used with no regard of your efforts, that so happens to be branded on the guy who found you for the charity? Do you fathom how easy it is with the amount of information we have today to be a narcissistic manipulative jerk who possesses the power to use anyone to attain what he wants and not give a damn? Do you realize how easy it is not to care? I have friends who don’t care about what others might think when they express their thoughts and they are living the life right now. But being good, you have to care, to understand that they are just naïve and blinded by a thing they never had control of, ever, you have to consider that they need a guide, a reminder, a help in seeing the reality of their disposition before you can dare call them the bad guy. Being good means you have to pity them. And that is so damn hard…

I know that no matter how good we all consider ourselves to be, the only perfect one is our Creator. And I got to learn that writing about such things helps in making them a bit easier; booked appointment by the Healer of hearts 😉 And for whatever has befallen me from the hands of others, I leave that hurt at the last letter of this article. And I also ask anyone who hurt by my hand to pardon my short comings. 

We are social beings. Interaction is our identity. Let’s avoid taking advantage of this norm. Of people. We bleed in the same colour, smile in the same language and feel in the same depths. Consider that the next time you meet someone.

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