Sunday, 29 April 2018



Laughing is one the most weirdest thing our bodies can do aside from hiccups and dreaming among others. When you're having a laugh, all your internal organs are convulsing inside of you, pushing out the air from your lungs to your throat to produce the weird variety of laughs we all express. Now to get the full picture of what convulsing means, the dictionary defines it as to suffer violent involuntary contraction of the muscles, producing contortion of the body or limbs. That is what happens to your organs. 

But lucky for us, we have the endorphin hormone. You know how you run like an Olympic athlete when you're being chased by a dog or a cow, or workout so hard it's beautiful, and if you hurt yourself you'll feel it much later when you out of danger.... yeah, endorphins. Their job is to musk the pain in such situations. And one of those situations is laughing. And when they run out, is when you'll hear someone say hysterically, "I laughed so hard it hurt." Think about this the next time you're squeezing air out of your throat. It's fun.

Anyways, so they say thou shall know a man from what thy laugh at. I used to think I was a bad person because often my sense of humor, was when my friends were having frustrated outbursts and such. But I soon came to realize that even though I'd help them however I can, my obsession with authenticity made me smile at those moments. That single build up of tasks and confusion that we occasionally have and the outburst that follows after, right there and then, that's true emotion. At that split moment, you don't care what your face looks like, what you sound like or even whatever is happening around you. it's pure feeling and shear expression.

And this is why I'm attracted to genuine personalities. People who snort when they laugh because it's funny to them and express themselves in pure rawness. Even if it's just a fraction before their composure. There is something about being genuine and projecting it. It's like that feeling you get when you have so much fun you forget about the world outside the circle you and your friends create. It's fulfilling...

This is one of the reasons why I believe that Prophet Muhammad aleyhi salaam was the most awesome man to ever walk this earth. He was the most sensitive individual with a pure natural and uncorrupted soul. He would laugh until his face lit up and anger (only for Allah though) until his face turned ripe red. He would cry in sad situations Infront of everyone as he lived his words of what a blessing tears were... He was natural. And perhaps the most beautiful thing was that his sensitive nature was not for him alone, but also extended to other people as well. 

This quality was so much projected that he would change his tone according to different people and give answers and advices with regard to a person's personality and condition. A phenomenon known by the Arabs as Firasa; something the scholars believe that the highest level can only be attained through the fear and worship of Allah. When different people asked him what would get them to Jannah, he would answer them according to their capabilities; one told to wet his tongue with dhikr and the other advised not to leave swalatul A-dhuha ( one of the optional prayers). 

A good example was about an old swahabah who asked him to pray that he gets wealth. The prophet aleyhi salaam warned he couldn't handle being rich and it would stray him. He insisted. He was granted his wish by Allah and soon after, from being in the first row in Salah, he slide to the last and finally abandoned the mosque while tending to the growing number of animals for grazing. 
Ultimately he refuted giving Zakah (charity) for his wealth and grew arrogant. It became reason for his destruction and loss.

Having a sense of humor means that one is funny intentionally, and that takes intelligence; of knowing your audience and what's considered funny to them. I feel that this ability to gauge is how we should all be interacting with each other. 

Every student in a class learn at different capacities. Sibling sisters and brothers operate at different frequencies of understanding. The biggest mistake our teachers, families, friends and ourselves make is comparing one person to another. Because no two people are the same nor will they ever be. The moment we learn to take each person as their capacities are and indulge with them at their level, is the moment we will become true social beings; true human beings. And funny ones too 😂

So, you a teacher, a parent, a relative, a leader, a brother or a sister? And feel like you want to influence more than just your life? Then all you have to do is learn humour. And use its giggly ways to connect and transform the lives of the guy to your left and that to of the one to the right of you. Besides, what's life without a little bit of swivel in it? 😂😜


  1. Hahah.. nice one. And the prophet (SAW) is indeed best role model and example. Thank you for this.

  2. You are uttermost welcome knowledge disseminator...