Friday, 2 March 2018

The Path You Own

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Have you ever gotten that small panic feeling when someone you know realizes one of their achievements and gets recognized and famed rapidly in praise or someone you think you know very well and get to find out that they're doing something so great and focused in their lives?

This feeling leaves you genuinely shocked because you realize how much others are doing whilst you sit back and it even goes to the extent of making you hate yourself. The worst case scenario of it is when it drives us to start picking out the imperfections and faults of that achievements to bring them back to our level and more so to try to make us feel good about ourselves. A phenomenon commonly know as the Evil Eyeball.

But all this comes from one mistake we all endeavor, Comparison. 

We fail time and again to realize that each and everyone to ever walk the earth is not the same; so much so that every single one of them had their own unique fingerprint, to date. And so what will work for them isn't what will work for you. We've seen it from students who study under the same scholar to twins born from the same womb: no two people are the same nor will they ever be.

What we need to remember when this feeling comes along is that, every single one of us is in their own path. If the people around you are achieving it just means they've reached at that point in their paths and there's no comparison you can make to will your paths same because they are made from different materials and terrain...

All we have to do is think of one or three things we'd want to attain by the end of the year and work on them. And when we know what we are going for, perspective, come someone who'll win all the achievement medals in the world, we'll simply praise them for their uniqueness and continue working on ours. Because at the end of the day, achieving something you've been working on is bliss for you and you alone. Recognition is just a varying bonus that comes and goes independent of how much effort you put in for your goal.

So study what makes up your path and start walking. For surely, that is the path you solely own.

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