Wednesday, 6 December 2017


Photo Courtesy: Saatchi Art

I will Fight for You

I will fight with my soul

Fight my mind

My flesh, blood and the marrow in my bones

I will Fight

To the last of my breath

Even when I fall

I will fight

Fight with my zeal

Fight each and every relay of order roaring through the network of nerves in my being

I will fight

Fight with my heart

That so easily changes sides and so fondly masks regret

Saving it for my struggle

Saving it to implode on my efforts

Bury them in guilt
Disguising them by shame

Serving a master of deceit and hollow fame

A puppet to amplify my flaws

But I will Fight

No matter the situation

Amidst any indignation

In every formidable quo

I will Fight…



ALL, for you…  

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