Wednesday, 27 December 2017


Writer's Note
Hey guys, I know it's been a long time since I posted anything. It's because of some technical setbacks but as always, we learn to adopt as well so today, as the year ends, here is a tribute to all of you beautiful souls choosing to take the next step after life breaks both legs. 

It is no wonder from divine texts to old folk sayings they utter, 
 "With hardship comes ease"
Meaning that with every trail, a freedom lies within. All we have to do is look for them.

Anywho, I hope y'all can take something beneficial from this. And even better, be inspired by it. Besides, that's what I live for with every piece I post 🍁
I give you, The Crumble 🍂 Source your inner child and get your imagination going. It's as deep as you're willing it to be...Enjoy 😊

He sat there,
Staring, as the lights living on buildings passed by, 
A yonder,
His heart opening,
With tiny nuclear explosions running along its length,
Forming their umbrellas of destruction only to be sucked down into the Black Void,
Growing in size as it's ridges continuously collapse into its abyss,
Engulfing the heart,
Swallowing it like a black hole devouring clusters of stars,
As a translucent layer of jell constantly tries to form over it,
Translucent to the internal light of hope.

His heart beating in spindles,
Like being underwater,
Hanging on to a vine that glides through the oceans,
Cutting across currents that persistently try to loosen his grip with their sparkly luring flows.

He shuts his eyelids close and feels it...

And amidst the fiery sword,
Piercing through his heart to the last muscle on the skin of his back, 
Amidst the darkness,
The blackness of his closed eyes he feels it,
Feels it all,
His lungs inhaling steadily as his breath matched at par,


Air so cool and heart glistening with burn...

His eyes relaxed as if in sleep, 
And amidst it all,
Amidst the Crumble,
He was at Peace

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