Monday, 4 September 2017

The Ever Graceful, Flowing Life

Photo courtesy: ZME Science

What do you do when…
When the air around you gets heavier with every breath
Slowing in flow as you struggle to inhale
As it forms layers around you
From the world
Suffocating as you gasp in the last ounce

What do you do when time freezes you in place
Locking your limbs as you awe in terror
Watching the world move gracefully around you
Beautiful, fresh, promising
As its sphere floats about with golden brown pollen
Peaceful under the evening sun
Shining upon their poise as they move with elegant flow
Like deep water in divine current

What do you do when you wedge
When the world around
Moves on 
Swimming in perfect harmony and hidden flaws
While you dwell within
Amidst the current
Within the flow

What do you do
When all you want is to be free
When all you wish is to be you
The true you
The happy you
But don’t understand how 
Don’t understand you
Don’t know you
And every effort you exert is lost
In between the fringes of your frozen limbs
As they stand ignorant 
Of the wishes you dream
The wants you expire
The burning you entire
Raging inside like a circum-rotating ball of molten material-less lava
Spinning with passion as it destroys the very walls that house life


Inside the ever graceful, flowing Life 


            You Smile...

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