Wednesday, 2 August 2017


Hellow Beautiful Creatures!
Photo Courtesy: The Odyssey Online

I was just reviewing my archive when I came across this article. It's a piece I wrote for a competition I never won unfortunately. But I chose to share it with you guys because I'm certain you've gone through or is undergoing this phase right now.  

I know that it seems hopeless, feels useless to keep on moving. I know no amount of words can really express what's hidden inside and no one truly is capable of comprehending your pain. I know fear. And even though it's miles apart with every person, it is still made up with the same four letters. 

We live in the moment. Life happens Now. And whatever your fear might be, as long as you know that Now is going to end, you will enjoy it while it lasts. But first you've got to start living it.

Anyways, I really hope this helps. So chill back, relax and enjoy some literature.
"I came across this challenge through a facebook tag from one of my good friends and mentor today. I kept on trying to figure out what to write about the wordless word 'Fear', but, every time i look at it, i see abstracts...shapeless forms spiraling around in a shady haze, sharp yet concealed, apparent but deep...hidden... I look at this uncertainty and I feel lost, empty...I feel alone.

How do you write about something that makes you feel helpless, scared, something that makes you afraid for yourself, afraid that you have lost yourself, so deep, far...and you have not the single of clues on finding you. How do you share a void that denies all fillets you pour in, desperate, an emptiness that strips you of your worth, assurance, purpose...that drowns you in a bottomless pit of confusion, gasping for care, for concern, for every ounce of attention while everyone else is blinded by the refraction of smiles put up conditionally...a mere trick of the light, a mere illusion...such power in so fewer of letters... 

I was full of empty ideas when i tried to write about this. A wordless word. Because I think of none when I think of it. I only feel. And the thing about feeling is that you cannot just share it with another person. You become afraid that they will judge you. Lol, I just realized a new feeling to add to the list. Or maybe you fear telling them about it because you can see them, the real them, the ones hiding behind the masks of smiles they practice on the mirror wall, as lost as you are. Afraid as you are. Alone as you are. And you cannot help them, them not you...but at least you share a common pit, right?

Anyways I decided to right about the one everyone's writing about. You know, the word-full one. At least I won't be the odd one out this time. 

"So what is Fear? I can tell you this wholly only by that one time I ran across our estate's field crying for my mum as my neighbor's dog happily ran after me. I lost my favorite slippers that day. My favorite slippers were the least of my concerns..."

Heyya, I hope you enjoyed this piece. It's super deep, I know; occupational hazard 😜. If you liked it, hated it, a bit too "meh" for you, comment below. I want to know what you think. 

And if it relates or moved you in any way, share it. I want it to reach as many people as possible. Each one of you is fighting a battle of their own. With a bit of Recharge, the scars don't hurt as much. Share. 


  1. Superb work broo ...if the word fear itself is "fearing"

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Thanks man πŸ˜‚