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Life Hack: Ramadhan Edition Part 2

Asalaam aleykum warahmatullah😃
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Welcome back!😄I hope you are having a blast wherever you are in shaa Allah and if you’re not, may Allah make easy your matters, Ameen. Anyways, we’ll be picking up from where we left off in the previous article on ‘Life Hack: Ramadhan Edition’. If you’ve not read part 1 of this sequel, check it out here. Otherwise, let’s get it!

5.A Friend Indeed.
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Alhamdulillah, we are blessed with companions who know us for who we truly are and also those that we prefer in our company. Whether good or bad, they make up a part of our lives right now. Use them 😐. In a good way😄. In a month where every good deed is turned from gold to diamond, Shaytaan’s locked away somewhere to the neck and blessings are constantly descending from the heavens, everyone’s down to their nasf and their effort. 

This is why this month, however little of a time is left, is the best time to really do something beneficial and ajeeb with your friends. There is nothing more fulfilling than getting out to help others and knowing that your friends have your back. 

Furthermore, it might even be the first step to the best direction there is for some of us and our companions so to speak. The main man (Shaytaan) is still in chains so no one’s there to sway anyone anyhow.

Before we move on, there are some who Shaytaan put in auto pilot before he was locked up at the beginning of this month to raise havoc to those trying to change and enjoy free iftar donations. With that said, may Allah purify all our intentions and hearts and guard us from living without life in our souls, Ameen.

The deed could be anything. You can decide to do a street or village clean up or help around a local in café in serving. Take a day to clean your local mosque or visit the sick, the dead even, at your local graveyards. Just do something. Even if you decide to go around your neighborhood greeting people with smileys on your faces. Just do something.

The most common deeds however, are works of charity. Whether it be donations to the needy are contributions to buy foodstuffs for orphanages and iftaar programs. This often is the easiest to do among many but the more involving the activities are, the better.  
What’s awesome and important about this is that you, as a group, get to do something good in the sight of your Lord. We are well too familiar with the ayaats in the Qur’an and Hadith narrations about the Day best of friends will wish they hadn’t befriended each other. And the only friends who will be glad of their friendship are those that used to encourage good and advice against evil. And the latter of the two to each other are surely, the friends indeed. So let’s be of such to one another.

6. Raising your hands (Dua)

“Dua is the weapon of a Believer.”
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Making Dua (supplication) is one of the most emphasized acts of worship for any and all Muslims. Soo many examples are relayed upon us of our Prophets Alyehimu Salaam making dua when they were in distress and even more from the Swahabas of Prophet Muhammad aleyhi salaam and how they revolved their lives around it and connected with Allah. But we don’t have that connection. We don’t feel the heft or the impact and sometimes, the importance of making dua for the things in our lives.

Many scholars have insisted on us making dua frequently, some even saying that if you want chips and chicken for supper, make Dua to Allah for it. Because that is how you connect to Him and how you depend on Him. (Yap. After a few of this hacks in shaa Allah, maybe you might just find yourself try asking for mshikaki on the side 😂) 

This is why the following hacks are just awesome. The first of them is a three step guide to transform your duas into practical life changers. These steps are part of a program called Visionaire Online. It was imangined by Ustadh Muhammad Al-shareef and is dedicated to give you all the content and guidance you need to re-establish that link with your Rabb, give meaning and depth to all the duas you make and guide you in fulfilling the conditions required for your duas to be accepted.

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Click here to begin your journey into ultimate satisfaction

What does it for me in all its totality is one hadith. It relates that when a servant raises their hands to make dua to Allah subhanahu wata’ala, He (Allah) becomes shy to let you off without giving you something. I mean…Subhanallah. The owner of all heavens and earths, Master of everything that breaths lives or exists, Lord of every single atom ever created, is made shy by you…Oh one who raises thy hands in supplication. 

The simple fact that you can make ALLAH shy of not replying when you raise your hands for dua is enough for me. For it is beautiful. And more a reason to establish that connection you never feel when you make dua. Alhamdulillah for such a Lord. Alhamdulillah for Islam.

Another one of my favorites is the other one stating that when you call upon Allah’s name i.e “Yaa Rabb” when making dua, He answers you there and then by replying to you i.e “Yes my servant.” See what everyone means when they talking about dua? #theconnection #heartmelted.

Finally, here are the times dua is accepted without delay when made and, the people whose duas are accepted 100%. This is of great importance especially today, when we enter the night of the 27th. This night is considered the most likely night for laylatul Qadr so if you’ve been slacking the past days, tonight’s the night to hustle like nothing else and biidhnillah, we might just be among the lucky few to get 1000 months of ajrs this Ramadhan. May Allah make us among them, Ameen. 

For the Times:  

Ø When it is raining: Make a small dua every time rain finds you. It is a blessing and a mercy. Pray for your akhira and dunya. And if you love walking in the rain, good news for some of the scholars recommend it. Because it is among the purest forms of mercy, they say walking in it can actually help washing away Hasad (evil eye) that you’ve picked up somewhere. Alas, as the Prophet aleyhi salaam never ran for shade when it rained. He walked in it as well.

Ø The last part of the night (2.30-4 am): Allah 3azza wajjal descends to the last heaven before earth in this time and asks if anyone has troubles and/or needs to ask Him and He will grant them. This is also referred to as Tahajud time.

Ps, tahajud is still there until you can no longer eat suhoor. If you’re a heavy sleeper, wakeup at this time and pray atleast two rakaats then make your dua. Besides, waking up for suhoor takes care of the heavy sleeping. So don’t miss tonight’s. It’s the 27th.

Ø In between Adhan and Iqamah: This is an opportune moment for everyone to ask Allah for their dreams and hopes. It is also a great way to get yourself into salah mode. Use it people.

Ø In Sujood (Prostration): We are closest to Allah subhanahu wata’ala when in sujood. This is where worshiping Allah like you can see Him takes to play in its totality. For if you can’t see Him, He surely sees you. Take a pause before saying the dhikr when you go into sujood. Feel the majesty in that position and then let the words roll off your tongue in concurrence. Beautiful

Ø After an obligatory prayer: Take a few minutes to say some dhikr then make your dua. It makes a huge difference

Ø While visiting the sick: This is a gift to those who give care to the sick. Pray for all of you while you’re there. Two birds with one Dua.

Ø While travelling: We should travel more shouldn’t we? Well, here lies one perk of moving about. Make it count.

Ø Just before opening your fast: Allah is with the weak and the humble, two characters most of us possess in the wee hours of the dayAt this time is also when your Iman is mostly highest during the fasting hours of the day. Take a few minutes to pray two rakaats and then make dua. Goes straight to Allah. 

As for the people, an oppressed person, a fasting person (gotta make the most out of this guys) and a just and fair Imam (leader) all have their duas accepted in express.

So make lots of duas guys. Make dua for your families, your lives, the Muslim Ummah that’s undergoing major stresses right now. Pray for those you’ve lost and those still present. And most importantly, pray for your akhira. It is something else to picture yourself being punished in the grave and worst of all, on the Day in which your limbs will either stand with you, or against you.

7. Remember to remember a.k.a Dhikr.

“The difference of the heart that does dhikr and the one that does not, is life and death”

As short and effortless as they are, heavy in scale and worth they present. Dhikr. Let’s honor them and keep this short, for this guest has no home, except on tongues of constant commemoration.


Ø Anyone who says “Allahuma ajirni mina annaar” (Oh Allah pardon me from the hell fire)  7 times after Fajr prayer and dies that day, they will enter Jannah unless they do something to spoil that. And when one says it 7 times after Maghreb prayer and dies that night, they will enter Jannah unless they do something to spoil that.

Ø For the one who recites Ayatul Kursiyu after every compulsory prayer, nothing stands between them and Jannah except death.

Ø For the one who suspects a night is that of laylatul Qadr, he is to say “Allahumma Innaka a’afuwu tuhibu a’fua faa’fuani” which loosly translates to “Oh Allah, You are the one who pardons, and you love to pardon. So pardon me”

Furthermore. There’s an app called Hisnul Muslim (yes they made an app out of the dua book) that covers all the basis you need and even those you never thought you did.
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It is about 34 mbs and can be downloaded in Google Play Store through here.

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It’s awesome for learning new duas with its audio and visual aids and gives you reassurance with the valid sources from hadiths and their references.

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Before I get sued for word overuse, let me just finally say how awesome it still is. Get your hands on it. You will Not regret it.

4. The Self.

Finally, just be true to yourself. You can never take any of these tips up if you’ve not accepted the fact that you need them. The first step is always about acceptance. No one is better than the other in the site of Allah except by goodness of character and actions. But no one is perfect either. We have slipped once, twice and more times in a while, even in this noble month of the Qur’an. 

Sometimes we catch ourselves before we fall, sometimes we have nowhere to hold on to. But like I said before, disappointment in Islam isn’t not having done something, it’s not doing anything once you realize you should have.

So evaluate yourself. Identify your flaws and mishaps and accept them as a part of you. Then start making those parts better every dawn of day because at the end of the day, they define who you are and decide who you become. Most people attribute qualities like kindness and others primarily as a care for others. But in reality, you have to learn to be kind, generous and all the other qualities first to yourself, then to others. Because how can you show them to others when you don’t even know how it works on you?

This is why Islam is so Beautiful. All the abstinence and prohibitions and the character boot camps are meant to guard you from all the evils and build you from within. So that you can walk out to the world, brave, kind, just and strong and teach others what it means to be all that. Teach them what it means to be Muslim. Teach them what it means to love you… 

Because in this world, its all about you. And NO ONE can save you, except You. So get up from the dust and start putting one brick after the other. Build yourself. This world needs you.

In shaa Allah, this is the final part of this sequel. I really hope you got to benefit from it in one way or another biidhnillah. Well, until next time, jazakumullah kheiran, Ramadhan Mukaram and Eid Mubarak in advance!

Asalaam Aleykum👋


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