Sunday, 12 February 2017

The Scary thing Everyone Missed

Photo Courtesy: NPR

We have all drowned in the ocean of realization that President Trump had won the election. Came as a shock to most but, drowning isn’t that relaxing turns out. More so, one of the first actions as president is issue a controversial ban on all airlines flying in from the seven Muslim majority countries from entering the US. And man did the people learn to breath underwater. We had demonstrations from every corner of the Western world (metaphorically) with Muslims being cheered on for being Muslims and even some like Hassan Minhaj, being welcomed after landing in airports with balloons and hugs, because they were, yeah, Muslims. Couldn’t have seen better days right? 

Ps. Watch Hassan Minhaj’s experience here.

The vanilla mood was then tipped off by an over ruling from the Judicial body of the country and as per now, the ban has been lifted. What a desert :-p. Its impact however, continues to cloud the skies of the world. And as Hassan Minhaj explains above, it is Mental; mental in a good way.

Not only did it make Muslims in the West celebrities, but also nudge the need to know why President Trump was acting all paranoia with the bans. Why is he so afraid of Muslims and their religion, what does this religion really say? I want to see this for myself if I am to protest for this.
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And so they poured in. In multitudes they came. Above is a picture showing just how many. And mind you, that is just a single mosque. In a single area. Of a United States of America. Notice the ‘s’ in the ‘States’. I mean, could you imagine the sheer number of people that might embrace Islam by the Will of Allah or even the number of those who just could remove all the phobia of this religion and ease the trials of other Muslims in these countries? What! In a land where Muslims were being judged from head to toe nails, this is great news! 

I still can’t believe to have witnessed a Nationwide support backing the most evilly branded religion in our time, and still get new brothers and sisters from one of the least most expected country, existing also in our time. It’s a dream come true. But the more I think about it, the scarier these happenings become. 

Allah swt promises that His religion will succeed, with or without its believers. The only part we can play is having the honor to take it to its ascertained destination. Now here we have all these new Muslims pouring in because the one person who tried to dishonor His religion, became its very cause. And history be my witness, we all know what the capabilities new Muslims have for this religion; the likes of Dr. Bilal Philips that has Muslims studying Islam in the millions, all under his effort; and many more like and even better than him. This means progress right? But where is me and you in this equation?

Surah Muhammad Ch 47, V 38

We are being replaced. With our unreasonable excuses, our pointless efforts and knowingly avoidance we are being replaced. Allah swt is withdrawing the honor He once put out for us to take and giving it others because, frankly, they’ve seen what the other side is like and they have abandoned it for the side we keep ignoring because they’ve seen the beauty in ours so yes, they are not the likes of us. They are better than us. But who is to blame, really?

I mean you are the one to have shown the world the ray of Hope in a world engulfed in the darkness of depression…the one to have given Trust in a world where even blood is considered enemy…the one to have in the least form of action, at least changed the perception of another, in a world where Islam is branded with terror and fear… You were meant to stand out because that’s what the truth does. You were chosen because you are a disciple of the best man to ever walk the face of this earth, and you CAN handle it. Otherwise you wouldn’t have been born Muslim, and so wouldn’t all new born children in this world.
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Now for some good news.

Just because you have read up until this point is another reason why Allah swt is just so beautiful. His Mercy. Even though a whole new ummah is being handed the honor, Allah swt is still offering you a chance to be among the ranks. For some, this might be the first chance, for some still a couple more left and for others, the last. He knows best.  But one thing’s for sure, Allah swt is Just. Can you comprehend the odds of you reading this article, out of all the other articles in the net, among all the things available on the internet, of all the things you could have been doing at this moment, wherever you may be in this Planet (the ‘P’ is meant to show just how big )? Allah, Most Just, Most Merciful.

So please, do yourself a favor and don’t throw away your religion. Don’t throw away who you are. You deserve that much for yourself. Because when you do, you will lose yourself to the changing faces of this world and Allah subhanahu wata’ala promises to make sure you stay lost, forever wandering this earth only to meet an abide we all know too well not to wish for.

Surah Al-Munaafiqun,  Ch 63, V 3

Take back the Honor. Be among those who succeed.  

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