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Know yourself: Time ^>

Chapter X: Time Stop
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Time. Remember that time when you accidentally knocked mum’s glassware and you watch it fall as you wait to hear that secret-extinguishing glass breaking sound, and there is nothing you can do about it because you are too shocked and can already hear mum’s furious voice in your head? Yeah, we’ve all been there, except for those who were lucky enough to do it when mum’s not at home so you throw the shades outside and pretend to be the innocent child you were πŸ˜‚ And if you haven’t, well, get ready to break something glassy of someone because it’s a must of life, just like getting the flu, or closing the door on your finger, or chicken pox. Ps. If you have not yet gone down with chicken pox….πŸ™† God be with you.

Anyways, by now you’ve all heard at some point about these amazing stories of superhuman-like abilities of lifting a car to save a loved one or climbing up a pole without ascending sickle hooks or even the famous pole vaulting a wall, without a pole πŸ˜‚, free hands right? πŸ˜‚
Pole Vaulting, courtesy 

But what is interesting about these amazing tales is their similarity to your encounter with fragile kitchenware. In these moments your body juices your muscles, dilates your pupils, stand body hairs on end, enlarge your air passages, increase heart rate, even change your whole metabolism, among all other crazy awesome processes all in preparation of Fight or Flight reflexes(1). With enhanced everything, temporarily unfortunately, every single sense is committed to keeping your precious temple safe. In other terms, you are more attentive than in a suspending scene from a horror film. And this is not the juicy part because in that moment, you achieve something that man has almost always regarded unattainable…slow down time…I know, Juicy 😏

So how do you attain the juicy?

Three sentences-The more information your brain has to process, the slower time seems.

 When in a life threatening situation, all your brain’s resource becomes focused on survival: you are paying really close attention. 

So the more attention to detail there is, the longer time seems to last; because all that new information takes longer for your brain to process.

This translates to when you slip on something and begin to fall back first; or after a high jump to get the ball in football, you just never seem to reach the ground for a while. Trying to sleep in the middle of the night after a nightmare with the lights off is also another example; the morning never seems to arrive. On the flip side, time seems to move faster if your brain has nothing new to process. This explains why as we get older, time seems to grow wings and fly away because there is little new information for your brain to take in so it switches to autopilot and starts creating shortcuts ( if you’ve watched Limitless or ever wondered if you’ve already prayed a prayer or done a routine activity, you know what I mean). Plus we have a lot to learn when we are young so our brains have loads of new stuff to process and thus why time is ever plentiful, in our childhood.

Someone asking about when time goes really slow when you are bored? Nope, it’s just me typing. But am going to answer it anyway and we’ll deal with my sanity later. So without enough stimulation, your brain concentrates its resources in monitoring the time (be like, come on, tick tock) and because it consumes your brain, you perceive it as slower.

Ever heard of Barakah (blessing) in your time? It’s basically being able to do so much, in so little time and it’s possible by bringing attention to what you are engaging in through Dhikr (Remembrance of Allah). This is fascinating in itself because your dhikr only matters when you know what you are doing and/or saying, thus attention. And because you are engaged intently in an activity already, DSTV got nothing on you (2)

So all in all, watching kitchenware fall in slow mo is a super power. Many usually want to react but stiffen up instead. Your neurons are to blame for that; caused by delays in transmission; also known as shock, anxiety, panic attack, among many others. In essence your neurons are just chilin, waiting for mumzy to unleash a fiery storm so then can transmit them pain signals to your brain and spineπŸ˜‚. But, I can say for myself that I have successfully ever kicked a bottle before it reached the floor after  knocking it over 😎Good thing it was empty...and wasn’t made from glassπŸ˜› 

So as per now, you have gained the ability to speed up time by finding ways to distract yourself from the passage of time, and the juicy power of slowing down time when things are moving too fast by chewing on new ideas, continuing to learn new things and immersing yourself in new environments 😊 Ok time benders, go do your thing for my time has bended,to its endπŸ˜‰
1.release of large amounts of adrenaline that basically allows you to temporarily have access to the Hulk’s strength or get hit by lightning over seconds and become the Flash with a timely speed force
2. their motto: ‘So much more’ πŸ˜‚

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