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Allah is Awesome

Chapter One: Perception
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You know that feeling that comes in to mind when you hear those scary stories of super natural beings that apparently, according to Deen, stay and live along side with you probably reading this with you right now and their family walking around your house with you not having a single clue they are there…and the even more mind boggling fact that they can see you…but you can’t see them? Yeah, just pretend you still are the alpha in this situation, especially if you are reading this at night…alone…

If you are Muslim, you probably know and believe that Allah subhanahu wataala created other super natural beings; angels, demons, jins- related to the demon family, and that they live amongst us, in the same world with their own complete social, political and economical way of life and the unmistakable fact that they can see us, we just can’t see them. If you are not, then, well you probably heard stories about them.

Disclaimer; whilst we are on this topic, Muslims do not keep super natural beings in their back closets or anywhere else for that matter. That action is purely an individual decision and not a requirement from an Islamic perspective. I mean, who would want to nurture a being that’s always yammering with almost silent snake like whispers,‘Bring me bloood’….Duuude.

Anyways, have you ever wondered how it’s possible for this to happen, because you believe Islam to be as true as your body part, so the belief in super natural beings is also just as true? And don’t tell me it’s religion, because Islam itself tells us to ask questions. 

The Mantis Shrimp. Yep, there is your answer. Let me explain. See we have a sleek sight system where our eyes can see the way they do i.e colour, brightness etc, because of majority of factors core amongst them being Rods and Cones. 
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These two are light sensory nerve cells that are laid on the back of the eye, Rods detect the brightness/ the amount of light entering our eyes and the cones detect the color of light. When it’s morning and mum comes in and opens the curtains because you don’t want to wake up, that painful brightness you feel forcing you to cover your head, that’s Rods doing their thing. That’s also when your pupils (the black round dots at the center of your eyes) adjust their diameter to allow lesser light in…and also the reason why you can open your eyes afterwards. 

Cones on the other hand are divided into three, one senses Yellow light, another senses Blue light and the other Red light. So in essence every other color we see is just a combination of the three. When light lands on each, they send out signals to the brain telling it, hey, I just received some blues, a couple of reds and lots of yellows coming up in the system. And the registering of these light now brings the combinations of the colors hence the perception of colors like Green, Purple and so forth are seen.

Now to the Wonder of wonders, the Mantis Shrimp.
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The mantis shrimp has compound eyes that have sixteen, One Six, color receptors…We only have three! They see Ultra violet (UV), infrared, polarized light, you name it. They can even see Circular Polarized light, which is a type of light no other living thing on earth can see! What does it look like? I don’t know, I cannot describe it to you, nothing can see it. You know what sees circular polarized light? DVD players, only the mantis shrimp sees them better. In short am saying there are colors existing all around us that you cannot even conceptualize…

This is just but an example from the countless of crazy examples out there. But why do I mention it? 

Is it a coincidence that Allah subhanahu wataala tells us He put a veil in our sight so we can’t see all the supernatural beings? Nope, I think our limited cones are part of that answer. Is it a coincidence that we are recommended to give out salaam (greetings) when we enter our homes, even if there is no one there? I don’t think so. Is it a coincidence that one can be possessed by such supernatural beings? I am still working on this one but, since Jins have the ability to shape-shift into different forms of matter i.e energy, and our bodies literally function through electrical pulses (especially motor activities like movement), which is basically still energy. Thus, if they can manipulate energy, what’s to stop them from manipulating us? Dhikr of course but that’s just me, and this is definitely a topic for another day.

 It has been relayed that during medieval times, some people (especially some Prophets) were able to see these beings and even communicate with them. And because we now know that there are other shades of light we cannot perceive with our eyes because of limited color receptors, and also these beings exist in the energy form, maybe, just maybe, people with such incredible ability had a gene mutation that gave them this ability. And because we all come from a common ancestor, Adam aleyhi salaam, through the Awesomeness of Allah subhanahu wataala’s planning, the gene might have stayed recessive in all other people, surfacing only in the chosen few, and becoming less and less more likely to appear in these generations, just like how the Tallness gene slowly disappeared from previous generations up until today. And we all know humans can hear only up to 20,000 Hertz of sound; explains why in Hadith it has mentioned why animals can hear the screams in the graves of sinners and Allah promises to lift all veils on Judgment Day, May Allah protect us, Ameen. It becomes a whole other realm of possibilities with mutation of hair cells in the ears with this one so, yeah. 

I know…it’s like waay out there that last bit, but never forget, Islam is Timeless while Science is Time-bound. These events did happen and science is still trying to keep up, considering all the discoveries it has made lately like how quantum physics says our conscious does not die after death of our bodies, Islam be like, Duuuh. So we just have to wait for it to catch on. For now, we know Islam explains the ‘Why’, Science deals with the ‘How’.

Anyways, so now you know. Just because you can’t see stuff doesn’t mean stuff can’t see you, look again, that is if you have specialized cones to see into other realms lol. And don't freak out when you hear someone answering your greetings in an empty house...ok at least don't forget to breathe 😏. With that I say, Allah is Awesome.   

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