Sunday, 13 November 2016

Okoa Ganze Program

Bismillah Ar-Rahmani Ar-Rahim

Food stuffs

Alhamdulillah, thumma Alhamdulillah. On the 13th of November 2016, we managed to pay the residents of Ganze area a graceful visit. In such a dry torment of a place, families lie to their children with empty promises, people starve as their hope drifts away with the willowing dry winds, fathers watch their animals shrink away in the agony of death, living them with nothing to feed their homes, their families, their Hope. This is why we do it. Together with Mombasa Yetu Group (MYG) in conjunction with Pwani University Muslim Student Association (PUMSA), we were able to organize a humble donation of family size food parcels to the families of Ganze area in this hour of Dire need.
Searching for water...

We would like to give our sincere gratitude and appreciation firstly to the Mombasa Yetu Group for their hand in this outreach, the committed members of Angles of Hope and every other person who put in their thought and effort in making this program a successful one. Indeed does Allah love those who give from what He has given them. May Allah bless all of you in multitudes, Ameen.
Fairing the scales

This is the power of the ummah when we come together for like the droplets of water in the ocean, together, We are powerful…and together We can be the Change, and leave a little bit of Hope, everywhere we go, In Shaa Allah.

Jazakumullah Kheiran. #Angels_of_Hope 

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