Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Shaken not Stirred

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There is nothing as hard as writing about something that you fall victim to every single day.

>/Accessing socks files>

 I believe we are all accustomed to the movie franchise ‘007F’ (the letter ‘f’ is supposed to be the gun lol) and we all get some excitement on the whole idea of travelling all over the world and taking out bad guys with cool gadgets and sleek cars. The main theme of the movie usually involves first class criminals who hatch sophisticated plans intended to bring the world to its knees. That’s where Mr. Bond comes in, and no matter how south things go for him, he always beats the odds and in the end saves the day, often in a suit, classy. Now, keeping aside the fact that it’s a movie, let’s bend the rules a little. Have you ever thought about how hard it would be to save the world if Bond was in fact the criminal? With all his tools, gadgets, cars and accent? It would be near to impossible, right?

Well believe it or not, I know a guy who’s got all those and he is soo good at his job no one notices him slipping through the cracks. The difference is, he doesn’t do ‘big jobs’. He deals with the small ones, the ones that really matter. He is soo good you probably have no clue you are one of his victims. Am going to tell you how before he finds me again and silences me. Am not sure how long I have. All I know is that he is on to me so I’ll tell you what I can.

At work when this new guy comes in and he/she is getting almost double of what you get and the guy has zero experience while you’ve been there for as long as you can remember and on top of that, Boss here wants you to show him/her the ropes, how does that make you feel?

At school when you sit with friends and one of them points out how that cloth makes you look fugly or when they circle how funny you are and you don’t even get your own joke, what do you feel?

At home when sweet mum is fussing about how lazy and slow you are and you never get things right while your siblings just can’t leave you alone in peace…how’s your head?

These are just a few examples of what we go through in our daily life, the norm. But as normal as they sound and are, they are awesome ventures for this guy because they are his specialty, the small things. No doubt a newbie at work getting the salary equivalent to two of you, a negative criticism from friends, relatives accusing and blaming, no doubt it’ll hurt a little, but as soon as it does, you become his next mission. He will use all the assets he invested on you just to see you fall in despair. Evil I know, but somehow everyone ends up missing it, missing him. As I put this ‘slippery individual’ sign up, let me tell how.

You can’t treat a disease you don’t know you have. Similarly, you won’t see him coming if you were not expecting him. To expect him is to know that he is the one who pushes you to hate the socks out of that newbie. He is the one that makes you feel small and rejected on that classroom desk. He is the one that makes you want to chow down your siblings and act out to your relatives because you feel they are being unfair…he is the one behind all the pressure you feel when you are picking up a day’s outfit or the one you going to wear on that wedding, even more so the pressure to the one throwing one…the fear, rattling every bone in you to the thought of what aunty Aisha and Co. are going to say about the food, the hall, the makeup, the wedding dresses omg! And the number of activities its hosting, let us not forget that!

Expecting him is to know that he is the one who pumps your ego to an EGO so that you don’t bother greeting that guy you see every day or have a pleasant surprise to meet that long lost friend because it won’t look cool and personally developed. He is the one who pushes you to pull back that scarf so that that single bundle of hair meets those dreamy eyes or let your jeans meet your shoes because they blend well. He is the one responsible for making you say stuff about her to them so that they like you or build up a case for someone using nothing but invisible evidence and your all wise and all knowledgeable mind….He is the one that finely sculptures excuses so that you have a reason to leave Compulsories or do what’s good and not what’s better because good is still good. And the worst part of it all, he makes you believe they were and are all from you and your thought and feeling… He is #Codename A-Shaytaan a.k.a Iblis, the Devil, al-Diablo, Satan- The Destructive Patient One, among many more, and he, my friend, is very and I mean Very good at his job. And the history of mankind, our kind is proof of that.

My time is almost up and every second leaking this is a risky load for me but a threat to him and his government.  That’s a risk am willing to take. He has eyes, ears and arms in every single place I turn to these days, even some of my own are in his pocket. I mean I’ve been compiling this for the last three days and it’s not because I’ve been busy or lack creativity. He is coming for me, that is, if he isn’t already here

Not long ago I met a man. Not in person though I would die if I could meet him some day in shaa Allah. It was reported that this man was the only person Shaytaan failed to get. And the first person in that chain of reporters was Shaytaan himself, so it’s pretty legit. They call him Muhammad upon him be peace, and since that day, I have been striving to enumerate his secret over Shaytaan. I have failed so many times I’ve lost count. But Muhammad (SAW) told me to get back up every time I fell because the One who granted him the knowledge against Shytaan, His Master, Most Gracious, Most Merciful,  the Lord of the Worlds, Master of all creation, the One rightful to be worshipped and no partner to be associated with told me.. ME! Of all people to never give up on His cause…His Mercy…He is Allah (SWT) and Muhammad (SAW) is His last and final messenger. Muhammad (Saw) told me to call everyone I can to gain this knowledge and defeat the evil Shaytaan because he soo deserves it. La3’na tullah aleyh -_-

So here I am, leaking this in a system run by Iblis himself, hoping to reach out to anyone out there, listening, reading…I tell you to be strong, be resilient, be divergent, resist his lures, fight him… I ask you to join me in my quest inherited from the first vicegerents, I ask you to take back control of your thought, your feeling, take back yourself…I ask you to not let him define what’s cool and what’s not, what you should like and what you shouldn’t, I ask you oh anyone, someone, to be a person of substance, of firmness, of stability, of one who has personality and depth…I mean Muhammad (saw) used to cry and people saw him, a leader of all mankind, crying in the open…he wasn’t afraid of the people’s opinions because he knew who he was, sheer personality, depth, meaning…won’t you want to follow such a man?

Knowledge is power. This is shaytaan’s playground. A good friend once told me that we will never develop unless we realize the reality we are in…the reality that we are at war with shaytaan. Now you know of him, so Don’t let him fool you and bind your mind exclusive to now, don’t let him blind you of the future because he will take any chance you give him and he will make you pay, trust me, but never let him rule you. Know your worth. You are the best of all creation, smart, intelligent and most importantly, you. And the thing about being you is that, you are stronger.

Am made, I got to…

>/Transmission Terminated>…


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