Monday, 4 July 2016

you vs. The World

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Have you ever felt like you are an outcast,like a  stranger to everyone you know...have you ever felt like your opinion doesn't matter anymore and your friends or family can have the best of times without you, like you are not needed anymore, like all you say keeps on knocking on the 'Do Not Disturb' sign of everyone's you are being constantly rejected and tagged the 'Buzz kill' of your group, of your family...have you ever felt like no one cares about you anymore and all you are to everyone is a b.t.w. by the way...have you ever felt worthless....then congratulations, you're Human!

These times are one of the pits and bumps of our lives where the self belief and moral are waaay down low and all you can think of is escaping from everyone so you don't hurt them or udhi (1) them. At these times your best friends are you and your thoughts and everything anyone says somehow makes you feel even lesser of a person. Then you start to notice how everyone ignores you and cast you on the side lines, behind a glass wall so nothing you do matters to them and you have to put extra effort just to get a fraction of their attention.

Ps. if you have never felt any of these emotions up until this point, go for a check up, you might not be from this world. Just saying.

Now that we've established we're all humans in the house, all these are a result of multiple events but the core of them is part of who we are, what we are and how we are, a weakness within us known as Taking the Advantage. The most common example is that of a couple, who are married that is in shaa Allah. It is a piece of Heaven when they marry. All fun and games and bliss and romance and happiness (because its halal obviously lol). But when the true face of marriage is realized and responsibilities kick in, the couple forget the compliments and thank you-s to each other and that is when taking advantage of each other pulls up thier drive way. Each of them develops an expectancy for the other and the small things each do are over looked. And with it the love that connects them, then we end up having two people who don't agree on even the simplest things and if they do, World War 1 & 2 mtoto (2).

This is just a small example of our weakness, and extra effort of appreciation and attention is required to cover this flaw in-built in us( Thats why we have months like Ramadhan and articles like 'How Full Is Your Plate' from Strokes of My Pen- Check in key for link). Yes it is inevitable. Why?

Whether a theist or an atheist, we know the fact that life is a test, and it will test you in ways you never anticipated. This is a common answer to this question but i want to elaborate. I know the pain and hurt all this brings, how lonely you feel and how unbearable it is to be deprived of the attention of your loved one, whether friend or family, i know. I mean science tells us its equivalent to physical pain, so even logistics gets it, i get it. But am telling you now that you are being tested. Its all a test and like everything in life, it'll pass. Allah swt only tests those who He Loves, those who He cares about. And even when you feel alone, He tells you He is closer to you than your Jugular vein, subhanallah. So ask Him for relief from all this, ask Him to keep calm your heart and believe He is thinking about you and the very best you can be. And He never puts down anyone, regardless of religion, who is in genuine and dier need of His help. Thats how Loving He is to His creations.

So the next time you feel lonely, chin up and wear a smile because you know you got the most Awesome Companion with you, every step of the way. All you gotta do is ask. And when its You Vs. World, you won't be in alone in the fight!


1. Displease or upset them

2. A child; used in the context of power and effectiveness and/or impact

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