Friday, 1 July 2016

My Date with Me

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Part One

The sky was now a blend of grape purple and a touch of radial blue smoothed off by thin soft clouds with a tint of sunset orange stretching across the horizon. It was beautiful. The voice of the muadhin (1) radiated the open skies in a single silky wave, not too loud to break the savor, not too low to be ignored, just enough, as it married the background of the view...It was complete,magical. It was time. My long awaited time of the week had just began.

Salah (2) sank in. Heart calm, mind collected, every moment ; pleasure...forehead on ground, pulse steady, breath defined, soul melted in bliss, peaceful, a rush of nerve signals fill the palms, spreading across gracefully, into the relm of the undefined, a being one with the ground, true serenity,  a direct connection...satisfaction.

I was finally ready as I wore misk (3) and breathed in the seductive scent it oozes. I didn't look in the mirror this time. I wasn't nervous of meeting Me. Even though its been quite a while since we talked, I felt like we always got each other. We decided on a restaurant on the bay of the ocean. This restaurant was special because it had this  amaizing view of the town bridge complimented with  dancing beach lights of the town's beach resort across the bay. What a spoilt guy, I thought smirking on my snide comment. 

The night air moved swiftly, cutting across trees as it forced their leaves to move with its beat, almost like if they were dancing in praise whilst swishing to the placid night. It was unusually quite. The town was busy as of norm with the matatu (4) conductors competing for on coming passengers, as they would attack anybody and everybody, trying to sell to them how fast their vehicle will depart, which most oftenly is not the case. Boda boda (5) were parked all over the boarding stage each with its radio turned on to what sounded like full volume. I wondered if they really listened to it...and if there were earphones for boda boda . A man sold his roasted- over- wire mesh maize just after with a few people  around him, some waiting for their orders and others just hoping he would be of heart and spare them some as they tried to converse with him. He knew. Too bad for them. Roasted maize smells ajeeb (6) by the way. The world slowly fade away as I heard the swish swash of the ocean waters beating against the mangrove on the shores. I was almost there.

I could see it now, the restaurant, as i moved to the outskirts of the town, thinking of what we were going to talk about tonight. Thinking on how much we had to catch up on and how we were going to connect once again. I was excited. I was eager. It would explain the smirk that slowly transformed into a broad smile, white shot. It was going to be a long night....


1. Person calling the Adhan; Arabic calling to Prayer 

2. Islamic Prayer

3. /Musk; perfume

4. Public Service Vehicle; equivalent of some version of a van

5. Motorcycles used as passenger  service vehicles

6. Awesome

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