Friday, 29 July 2016

Anyone Upstairs

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Part Two

You are an animal. Let me rephrase that, you are an animal among many other animals, living under one atmosphere called earth. Let’s contemplate, you eat cooked food, sometimes at fancy restaurants or hotels, you aspire to get a beautiful partner if you don’t already and maybe someday have tiny little beautiful versions of yourselves, if you don’t already, and live in this cozy home to grow old together and hold hands while you sit at the patio of your house. Ok, so why do you eat? Why do you wish for a partner and why do you want children?

Now tell me what is the difference between all your reasons above with the basic reasons of a cow?

Yes, a Cow. An animal that eats so it can survive. An animal that partners up to fulfill its desires. An animal that reproduces to keep its species alive. Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter if you eat in a five star hotel, drive around an expensive sports car with your partner or have babies with them, you eat to survive, otherwise you’ll die. You chose a partner to live up your desires of the other or you’ll end up…let’s not go there. You my dear have babies so that your lineage and name could be carried on to the next generations after you pass on. Coat it all you want but the answer is still the same. You are an animal.

So what’s so special about you?

Remember that function of the forehead, yes, the one of housing brain, that is the only difference you have over the common cow. In the prophetic traditions it is said that man was brought to this earth as a vicegerent-a khalifah sent by God. And when he was created, the Angels were telling God of how he (man) would cause nothing but chaos and bloodshed in this earth because of his flaws and faults, his desires, his greed, his lusts…but you know what, God taught him all that was on earth and challenged the Angles to name them, they couldn’t. Man was asked to and he said every and all things. There was when God ordered all the Angles, beings that are flawless, faultless, invisible, can fly and pass through walls, sinless and have powers  to bow down to man, to show respect to him…to you oh child of Adam. Subhanallah.

So the only reason such a powerful being showed man the highest sign of respect is because man had the brain, the most sufficient, efficient and most powerful computer in the world. Because he had 2 million GBs of storage space with a highly sophisticated transmission of data moving at electron speed and analyzed in micro seconds…

On a more relatable note, you are magnificent. You carry with you an organ that controls every single action our bodies do. From moving the muscles in your tract when you eat food, deducing an upside down image from your eyes for you to see, controlling the steady breath of your lungs to decoding the vibrations from your ear drums, all the while controlling every single activity, whether voluntary or involuntary…you are not dumb. Animals share half of what we do with our brains at an instinct level. They follow their lusts and desires without thinking of the consequences, the responsibilities or anything for that matter, because they don’t think.  They can’t. But you can…

That's why it sucks and hurts when another pulls you by your front hair...all your experiences, your knowledge, interests, skills, lessons... all of it made a disgrace...good luck long haired dudes lol...

Your brain, your mind…it’s your everything. We are honored among most of creation because we have the ability to think, to learn and understand, to invent and build, to change and adopt…we are honored because we have the ability to be invincible! (not to death yeah, calm down) God bestowed upon every one of us a gift, a talent because He never dhulumus (1) anyone, and the brain is the most important, so use it. Use it to serve yourself, community and God. Think about your life, why you do what you do… ponder about everything around you, search, study, learn… develop that drive to know, to understand…use your brain…its powerful and magnificent, don’t let it rust up. Use it. Live it. Know yourself by it. You can change people’s worlds. You can change your world. It’s just a decision away. Utilize it. It’s waiting for you….Be who you were meant to be, intelligent, because by definition, man is not man except by it…except by the one upstairs.

1.To be unfair.

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