Friday, 29 July 2016

Anyone Upstairs?

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Part One


By now you probably have realized that most of my publications are tied to my religion in one way or another. I find it appealing and intellectually sensible when I talk of such issues that have a direct impact in our lives and the beautiful and systemic way this religion is laid to address them. This religion encompasses all, and I mean ALL aspects of life. It’s a way of life, from leading your life to its peak climax to fulfilling the call of nature, and all of these are scattered in pages of books and scriptures. That is why people like me have to read and learn to enjoy these privileges.
 It seems a lot to most because it’s a lifestyle in itself but what most don’t know is, living with the knowledge that nothing in this world will ever touch you, and if it does it is meant for you… And when it is meant for you, it is the best version of all scenarios and timelines your life could ever be or exist in…that knowledge, it gives you a feeling of safety no state of the art gizmo can ever match up to. I mean if it was so state of the art, why do you need cameras to protect it, right?

This religion is Islam. Not the one all media outlets stereotype about, or the one your friend or neighbor keeps taking out of context or the one from hear-say unlimited, No, the one that roots from Peace and Submission. And by the way (this goes to both Muslims and non-alike), when Muslims suffer with core problems of self, it’s a sign that they lack that knowledge. So tell them to read when you see them, and maybe flip a page or two yourself, you never know what you may find.

Now to the main topic. Ps, I’ve been m.i.a>Missing in Action for a while. Received some mind taunting info that In shaa Allah, God willing, I will share later on when I have enough “evidence” to act on it.

Any who, every human has an Identification feature that fellow humans register and store unique bits of it to remember them by. The face. Even though this feature plays a major role in its totality in interaction and for some, first impressions, I will only focus on one of its parts, and this is the forehead.
 We all know that the forehead houses the front part of the brain, also known as the frontal lobes, so it’s pretty important. But aside from the covering, the forehead is one of the most important and efficient way of communication on its own when it is used for interaction.

It is said that when one grabs you by your front hair and pulls you, it is one of the most-lowest form of degradation any person can receive both in status and psychologically. In simple terms, it sucks, burns, hurts- because your hair is being pulled lol and kills  all sense of self-importance… it just sucks. But why is that?
History teaches us that subjects used to bow their heads to their kings and high status people as a sign of respect and in some cases to show appreciation and gratitude. This action largely entails the forehead facing down and away from the honored. This presents the acknowledgement of the presence of higher powers among everyone. But the interesting thing about bowing, it is done at the will of the doer….

Stay Tuned For Part Two Because The Disclaimer Took Most Of The Space….

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