Wednesday, 29 June 2016


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Do we know what we are doing? Do we understand what we are implicating? I address myself first and everyone else that will read this in shaa Allah. Yes, I am talking to you, asking you, because am worried you have no idea...worried you have forgotten...and now i ask you, Listen oh reader...Listen because there isn't much time..listen before its too late.

So I ask you, do you know what you are doing?...What are you doing? What are you doing?! Wake up! The doors are closing! Have you not learned? Why are you still blind? Allah SWT has granted you a month free from sway, full of reward , full of mercy, full of forgiveness, full of pardon and now, its all coming to an end so what have you done?....What would you gift Allah SWT when He decides to bring you back to Him? Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! This is your life you are gambling with! This is your Future! Are you crazy? Why are you on your phone everytime?! You have to give your Lord more time than you give others in these last days! People won't help you when you are being judged! Do Dhikr to Allah SWT everytime you remember! You are not kids anymore! You know exactly what you are doing! What wrong you are indulging! Stop acting because By Allah, you will regret... Do you think just because you put on a kanzu, you put on a hijab and have an arabic name that will be enough for you?! Do you think attending prayers just because its accustomed to your culture then doing what you absolutely know  is wrong afterwards is ok?  Are you mad?! Don't act ignorant!  Allah SWT opens in surah Al-Fatiha with His Beautiful Attributes of Mercy and Grace but He follows them with The Master of the Day of Judgement! He Will judge you for all you have done and He is Just in His Judgement... Ramadhan is now over but have you developed even? Are you the same person with the same goals as the one before Ramadhan? Think! Why are you still indulging in what you used to do? Are you shaytaan?! Subhanallah, why are you so arrogant?! Shaytaan was cursed for eternity because he made a mistake and was too arrogant to repent, Adam AS made a mistake and he immediately asked for forgiveness, that  is the difference. Wake up ya Akhy, ya Ukhty, Wake up! You are the witness of yourself, you know what you are doing wrong better than anyone else so break that ego! Allah SWT is calling you in every way possible! He SWT wants you back out of His Love as you do not benefit Him in any way but He is Ar-Rahman, He is Ar-Rahim, and He is calling you to Him through every single reminder you come across and guess what, how in the world are you sitted here reading about His Attributes and about Him...Yaa Arhamu-Raahimiin

You have to realise that this world is not real oh reader. Dunya comes from the root word Adna which means lowly, its not worth it.  Al- Maut is not death oh reader, its a transition to your final resting, to the true reality that will give you such a blow you will not comprehend. We have no chance like this and we surely can not guarentee we'll have such a chance again so use it...just these few days, dedicate them to Allah...use it before you are six feet dip... in a hole that will be a bliss or a hole of pitch black fire...subhanallah, we cannot even find anything in our rooms when power goes out at night even though we know exactly where they are, how do you expect to survive let alone live in a hole that its punishment you cannot see? Think.

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