Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The School of Facts #4

• Banana is a happy fruit. Eating just one can help relieve irritable emotions, angher and depression
• Eating both strawberries and blueberries protects your brain from aging
• Laughter increases the activity of antibodies in the body by 20%, helping to destroy viruses and tumor cells
• The average person can only remember about 60% of what happened to them yesterday
• 95% of people have dropped their phone on their face while texting in bed. #L.O.L
• When you blush, feel awkward or embarrassed, the inside of your stomach turns red
• The colours you wear tend to account for 62-90% of someone's first impression. People who wear bright colors tend to do better
• 80% of people pretend to text while being involved in an awkward situation...hehe
• Eat slowly. Your body takes 20 minutes to realize its full
• Girls learn to talk earlier, use sentences earlier and tend to read quicker than boys
• When people talk to themselves in third party,, they are able to better control their thoughts, feelings and behaviour, a study found

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