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Ramadhan Knocks!

Bismillah Ar-Rahmani Ar-Rahim
(I wrote it earlier but still think its important)
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Allahu Akbar! Just 9 days to Ramadhan! Subhanallah. It is no doubt that the Holy month of the Qur’an is upon us and we pray to Allah swt to let us experience it with full health and commitment Ya Rabb, Ameen. 

For many brothers and sisters, we have experienced that one time where it is chaos at home with mum due to the preparation of the arrival of this guest of yours, cleaning, sorting and mopping everywhere maybe even the ceiling. But after all this is done, ironically you all enjoy their company and have a great time and laugh about it in the end, and, as the Swahili mongers say, ‘mgeni aje, mwenyeji apone’ (loosely translates to let the guest visit so that the villager enjoys)

This is exactly what Ramadhan is all about. We need to prepare for it just as we prepare for the guest otherwise we won’t enjoy their company at all and even more importantly, their Barka (Blessing). 

Have you ever had that one time where you pray Salah and you feel like your Iman jump a step up and you can take on the world with your holiness… that is what Ramadhan should feel like as you savor every moment of this blessed month. But it all begins with a plan and intention, and here is a few tips on how.


Brother Muhammad Alshareef from has piled up a few power tips for its preparation;
Before worrying about Ramadan chores, hours, schedule, etc… make sure you’re set on these 3 general areas of focus:

1. Quran - decide what your goal is this year (improve reading, understanding or memorizing). Make sure you truly come closer to the Book of Allah with your heart. 

2. Dua - plan out the best Dua list of your life. In fact prepare 2 - the master list and the Dream Dua list (a short list of top 6 dreams you want achieved).

3. Sadaqa - get creative this year with acts of charity throughout the month. Don’t overwhelm yourself with one big one… just be consistent with daily acts even if little.

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Get creative! Giving out sadaqah has to be as frequently as possible to maximize on rewards. Setting out a charity box where you can put in a constant amount everyday so every week end or at the time of your choice you do charity work with the collections in shaa Allah.


Join in as many Reward magnet programs that will keep you busy and active to avoid precious time wasting. The Pumsa Ramadhan Food Drive is one good example where disadvantaged families get to experience Ramadhan with actual Iftar and Suhur  or The #AlhamdulillahFor Series where you do a recap of the things you are thankful for during the month, among countless others. This is vital because this is a blessed month where every good deed is in multitudes than any other time, for 29/30 days. So lets make this month that one Salah that counts in shaa Allah

Finally, I’ll leave you with a productive Muslim link on how to organize your scheduals for busy muslims, especially those in university and those at working environments. Let us give the month of Ramadhan the kind of welcome it deserves, for what comes around, goes right back around. Ramadhan Kareem and Saum Maqbul


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