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Ar-Rahman [Not the Most Merciful]

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Ar- Rahman is an attribute and a name of Allah that translates to the Most Merciful with respect to the English language, but does it mean as such? Nope. Yeah, still Nope. See, merciful, from the word mercy, is a notion of a word that refers to pardon i.e when one is going to really get it and he says "have mercy" it clearly means he is asking to be spared. From this example  among many others, mercy and its application is thus used to prevent something bad from happening to one by pleading for a pardon, key words: 'prevent something bad from happening'. This translation of Ar-Rahman completely derails and distorts the true and complete meaning of this attribute and unfortunately, this is what most of us have as our conotation of the word, meaning this is how we think of Allah towards us. But remember, Allah SWT tells us He is to us what we assume of Him to be towards us....not cool.
Unfortunately for the Arabic language to other languages, it uses words that carry soo much meaning and expression, so much so that a single letter can change the sky to earth( metaphorically of course). Now this makes it hard for other languages eg. English to translate their meanings and carry their expressions with them due to their limited capabilities and scopes (no offense English). So what does it mean?
Ar-Rahman which comes from the  word 'Rahma', translated to mean 'mercy' (wrong translation English), actually comes from the root word 'Raham' which means the womb of a pregnant mother. Now in a hadeeth, Allah SWT says for you to understand what 'Rahma' means, then you have to reflect on what the womb of the mother is. Lets reflect. We were all  in the womb of our mothers at one point of our existence, right? But did we have to worry about food or shelter or clothing...if any problem arouse, the mother took care of it. This 'Raham', this womb, was our world..a world of love and care, even though all we brought was grief and pain to the one beholding us...and subhanallah, there is no other scenario in human existence where the one who almost kills you, gets all of your love..for they say, giving birth is half of Death, Subhanallah...and even then, the mother holds her child like the worlds most expensive gem...this is the love of a mother to her child...what of the Love of the one Whose Attribute we can not even comprend nor compare...Ar-Rahman.
Think of Him as who He really is, Ar-Rahman,just like in the womb that surrounds the baby with care and protected out of love from the mother and He promises to surround you with Care out of His Love and no creation does it better than their Creator. Now that's cool.
So English, thats the true essence and expression of the term Ar-Rahman and that's what people should think of everytime they think of Allah and not the One who stops bad things from happening. Because if they go with your translation, most of them might end up saying kufr for the mere reason they did not understand Allah SWT. But maybe you might get it some day, only Allah knows right?

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