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Do we know what we are doing? Do we understand what we are implicating? I address myself first and everyone else that will read this in shaa Allah. Yes, I am talking to you, asking you, because am worried you have no idea...worried you have forgotten...and now i ask you, Listen oh reader...Listen because there isn't much time..listen before its too late.

So I ask you, do you know what you are doing?...What are you doing? What are you doing?! Wake up! The doors are closing! Have you not learned? Why are you still blind? Allah SWT has granted you a month free from sway, full of reward , full of mercy, full of forgiveness, full of pardon and now, its all coming to an end so what have you done?....What would you gift Allah SWT when He decides to bring you back to Him? Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! This is your life you are gambling with! This is your Future! Are you crazy? Why are you on your phone everytime?! You have to give your Lord more time than you give others in these last days! People won't help you when you are being judged! Do Dhikr to Allah SWT everytime you remember! You are not kids anymore! You know exactly what you are doing! What wrong you are indulging! Stop acting because By Allah, you will regret... Do you think just because you put on a kanzu, you put on a hijab and have an arabic name that will be enough for you?! Do you think attending prayers just because its accustomed to your culture then doing what you absolutely know  is wrong afterwards is ok?  Are you mad?! Don't act ignorant!  Allah SWT opens in surah Al-Fatiha with His Beautiful Attributes of Mercy and Grace but He follows them with The Master of the Day of Judgement! He Will judge you for all you have done and He is Just in His Judgement... Ramadhan is now over but have you developed even? Are you the same person with the same goals as the one before Ramadhan? Think! Why are you still indulging in what you used to do? Are you shaytaan?! Subhanallah, why are you so arrogant?! Shaytaan was cursed for eternity because he made a mistake and was too arrogant to repent, Adam AS made a mistake and he immediately asked for forgiveness, that  is the difference. Wake up ya Akhy, ya Ukhty, Wake up! You are the witness of yourself, you know what you are doing wrong better than anyone else so break that ego! Allah SWT is calling you in every way possible! He SWT wants you back out of His Love as you do not benefit Him in any way but He is Ar-Rahman, He is Ar-Rahim, and He is calling you to Him through every single reminder you come across and guess what, how in the world are you sitted here reading about His Attributes and about Him...Yaa Arhamu-Raahimiin

You have to realise that this world is not real oh reader. Dunya comes from the root word Adna which means lowly, its not worth it.  Al- Maut is not death oh reader, its a transition to your final resting, to the true reality that will give you such a blow you will not comprehend. We have no chance like this and we surely can not guarentee we'll have such a chance again so use it...just these few days, dedicate them to Allah...use it before you are six feet dip... in a hole that will be a bliss or a hole of pitch black fire...subhanallah, we cannot even find anything in our rooms when power goes out at night even though we know exactly where they are, how do you expect to survive let alone live in a hole that its punishment you cannot see? Think.


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Guest Post
By Lubnah Abdulhalim
It is these times that Muslims are giving in charity abundantly,humanity levels are at the peak. Kindness is probably an understatement and you could be awed at how everyone is going an extra mile to help those in need. This is one of my favourite times. It is indeed the last ten days of Ramadhan.
People differ in how they offer the sadaqa and zakat but of late, some Muslims have made it a trend to make a call-out that they will be giving zakat/sadaqa on a certain day. On these days, you would see women huddled with their children and men, old and young standing outside the premises awaiting the ‘promised package’. They would wait as long as it takes, so long as they get the flour,oil, sugar and other necessities. People are hungry, they would do anything to get that package. People are jobless, they would do anything to get something to feed their families. You see the queues of people waiting and you know how much people are desperately in need. Some would say, Kenyans just like whatever is free whatever it may cost them. Quite true but nonetheless we can never totally disagree that majority are genuinely poor. It is quite a heart breaking sight when you see them standing, seated, squatting under the scorching sun, some with crying babies and tired children waiting for the 500, 1000 shillings or the package. But have we ever kept ourselves in their shoes?
I have never really known whether what is being given is sadaqa or zakat. Whether it is announced that people should come or leakage of information that leads those crowds of people to the premises. Whatever the case, the method used in sharing this zakat or even if it is sadaqa is quite depressing. If the people responsible in giving the sadaqa/zakat are not the ones who called out for people to come over then there must be leakage of information on their plans and thus the queues of people. Because people just can’t walk miles and miles in crowds or queues if they didn’t hear the grapevine and the rumours that this person at this place will be giving out this and that. Or perhaps it is just a bad trend amongst the people to crowd themselves up? Allahu a3lam.
I’m just assuming the rich are the ones who give information on such plans or they have made the poor get accustomed to such sadaqa traditions over the years and thus the automated numbers of people appearing at the same place year in year out. If it is indeed so, then a lot has to be considered.
This woman with her child or this old man is probably coming from South Coast or Kilifi or even farther areas like Changamwe. Most probably he/she came by foot because they are not about to waste money for fare. We all know how our heat is here in Mombasa. And even if it is any other place, the distances these people walk is not a joke honestly. They come and find the ‘earlier birds’ have already arrived. It’s a huge crowd already. He thought he was early but in this case, it is first come first serve. Survival is for the fittest. He might spend the entire day roaming around the place waiting for the package. This man might have wasted a whole day of work where he would have probably earned 1500 shillings while you give them only 1000. Even if he was going to get the EXACT amount or even more from you, he wouldn’t be humiliated in such a way.
Many people take these things really for granted but please think about it. When you call out to people that you will be giving out sadaqa and people; very poor people desperately come to your place, not knowing the exact time or anything. They ‘just heard’ you will be giving out something, and ‘something’ is such a great deal for them. Have you really thought about the struggle they go through to get to your place? Waiting for hours? With all this heat and tired children on their backs?
You know, we keep saying we want jannah. We want to be in the same jannah like Umar ibn Khattab and Hamza and Fatima Azahra and Aisha Radhiya Llahu 3anhum. We want to be in the same heaven with the prophet and with people who were killed for Islam, with people who sacrificed their entire wealth Fi sabiliLlah. With people who used to take sadaqa to the doorsteps of the poor. With people who fought with the prophet peace be upon him. How by God? How do we expect to be in the same jannah with them while we humiliate people? When we make people make queues to get what is their haq from you? Even if not intentionally, aren’t you supposed to do unto others what you would prefer for yourself? How do we even dream of being in the same jannah with the sahabas and prophets??!
Let us not try to justify ourselves. If we can afford to give zakah to a random number every year then we can very well afford to actually go to South Coast, work along with the local imams in giving out to those who are really needy and just lazy beggars. And even if one is sick or unable to get there himself then he can probably afford to hire reliable people to do it on his behalf.
We keep forgetting that every single step we take towards these poor people the more the rewards for us. It is not a must that you feed 1000 people for you to feel satisfied with your sadaqa or zakat. You can as well do big projects for ten people such that they don’t have to come to you again the next year. If we REALLY want jannah then we must go out of our comfort zone. We must work hard and feel the pain of people. What we give in queues does not mean is any less valuable. No that’s not what I am saying. It does not mean that I am not aware of the bad begging habits in our Coast and Kenya in general. It does not mean I am underestimating anyone’s approach of giving sadaqa and zakat. God knows I am not being judgemental here and may He forgive me if i’m making wrong assumptions..all I meant to say is; please when giving out what you have remember that these people are human beings like you. Don’t just take their desperation to your advantage and let them struggle to get what you had in store for them. Put yourself in their shoes. Do unto them what you would have wanted if you were in their place. Not meaning to step on anyone’s toes; Allahu a3laam.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Big Question

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A tribute to Jade
Have you ever just sat down and thought of how you were just 15 once or when you just finished class 8 and you get into high school, all new and innocent. Have you ever tried to remember that pre-historic time you used to do all these funny stuff with your childhood friends...i mean i remember high school like it was just jana...and its been 3 yrs!!! 1, 2, 3 yrs!! Man, that sets off an alarm doesn't it, i mean time flies! Next sem you'll be a Second year in shaa Allah, who ever thought the good old you is a second year now...#Oh_Yeah.............

 Its no doubt you have some idea of what you want after uni, its no doubt you have a dream house and job and family and in shaa Allah even the dream mate but then, what next after that, you being capable of achieving all that in shaa Allah, what comes next...more dreams? New likes? Change of lifestyle? And before you even can answer this, if we make it that far in shaa Allah we'll all be sitting in our rocking chairs telling our grandchildren of the embarrassing moments you had and the fun it came with it and we'll be looking back at our lives and think, man time flies and we can't do A about it...wasted...but then again we have Islaam that pre-sets our minds to look forward to the future, the one beyond the rocking chair right? But do we use them.........

What am saying is that what is the difference between crushing a chocolate bunny and if it were possible, crushing yourself, what difference would it make on the world,what effect would it have on it? Because if we were to all get our dream everything, what does it matter if we all going to cross beyond the chair? Nada, right? Now this is the juicy part, Purpose. This is the one word that contrasts us with that chocolate bunny. Now in your tool kit you have Islaam, a good mind and your dreams, but then remember time flies, post election violence was 9yrs ago and we remember it like juzi and our minds are aware of this, thats why we realize the notion, time flies. So do we follow our dreams and in the end sit on our rocking chairs and wait to be no better than crushed bunnies or in a reasonable manner, do we give Purpose to our time? Reasonably, it is the latter, right? And this is where Islaam comes in......

So fasting like in this month or praying five times a day and on time among others, these are what gives us purpose because just as you exert your effort in realizing your dreams, we instill purpose to their obtaining by performing Islaam and its amrs since we all agree that there is an established Divine Diety and we will as a matter of fact cross over the rocking chair, and with the crossing, we become better than chocolate bunnies and get a bonus that no human sense has ever perceived, as this comes with the package of belief in the Divine ,right?

Thought provocking i know, think about it...

Friday, 17 June 2016

Ar-Rahman [Not the Most Merciful]

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Ar- Rahman is an attribute and a name of Allah that translates to the Most Merciful with respect to the English language, but does it mean as such? Nope. Yeah, still Nope. See, merciful, from the word mercy, is a notion of a word that refers to pardon i.e when one is going to really get it and he says "have mercy" it clearly means he is asking to be spared. From this example  among many others, mercy and its application is thus used to prevent something bad from happening to one by pleading for a pardon, key words: 'prevent something bad from happening'. This translation of Ar-Rahman completely derails and distorts the true and complete meaning of this attribute and unfortunately, this is what most of us have as our conotation of the word, meaning this is how we think of Allah towards us. But remember, Allah SWT tells us He is to us what we assume of Him to be towards us....not cool.
Unfortunately for the Arabic language to other languages, it uses words that carry soo much meaning and expression, so much so that a single letter can change the sky to earth( metaphorically of course). Now this makes it hard for other languages eg. English to translate their meanings and carry their expressions with them due to their limited capabilities and scopes (no offense English). So what does it mean?
Ar-Rahman which comes from the  word 'Rahma', translated to mean 'mercy' (wrong translation English), actually comes from the root word 'Raham' which means the womb of a pregnant mother. Now in a hadeeth, Allah SWT says for you to understand what 'Rahma' means, then you have to reflect on what the womb of the mother is. Lets reflect. We were all  in the womb of our mothers at one point of our existence, right? But did we have to worry about food or shelter or clothing...if any problem arouse, the mother took care of it. This 'Raham', this womb, was our world..a world of love and care, even though all we brought was grief and pain to the one beholding us...and subhanallah, there is no other scenario in human existence where the one who almost kills you, gets all of your love..for they say, giving birth is half of Death, Subhanallah...and even then, the mother holds her child like the worlds most expensive gem...this is the love of a mother to her child...what of the Love of the one Whose Attribute we can not even comprend nor compare...Ar-Rahman.
Think of Him as who He really is, Ar-Rahman,just like in the womb that surrounds the baby with care and protected out of love from the mother and He promises to surround you with Care out of His Love and no creation does it better than their Creator. Now that's cool.
So English, thats the true essence and expression of the term Ar-Rahman and that's what people should think of everytime they think of Allah and not the One who stops bad things from happening. Because if they go with your translation, most of them might end up saying kufr for the mere reason they did not understand Allah SWT. But maybe you might get it some day, only Allah knows right?

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

With Ease

Bismillah Ar-Rahmani Ar-Rahim 

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Alhamdulilah! We are winding up on the first 10 days of Rahma ( Mercy) in this blessed month of Ramadhan. How Ajeeb is it to be in the presence of such a ne'ma of times and as these times continue to slip away, how many of us right now can stand up and say they really did justice to this month and really utilized every moment they got in collecting hasanaat? Very few if not none, right?

 Even though we are constantly being reminded of the importance of this Holy month and what we can reap from it, it becomes a mission for all of us since we do not actually plan for them but instead we apply the  'go with the flow' mentality where the only time we go out of our way to get these rewards is when we find ourselves in the middle of all of it. Be reminded that a deed done with knowledge is heavier in scale than that done by chance for Inna mal A'amalu bin niyyah, which loosely transate to every action is as good as the intention. 

Human beings have the natural desire to be in control. Planning for your day not only gives you that, but also strengthens your intention to perform everything your set for the day, including hasanaat. After a quick search in the world of productivity, a Ramadhan Guide table (below) facilitated by Dust 2 Diamonds Dawah( a muslimah team dedicated to the Muslimah youth) came up, and the good thing about this guide is that it is filled with soo many hasanaat that you can choose from to please Allah SWT with each day. It covers every day of the month and gives us all the hasanaat to choose from, with ease.

It is now upon you to attract barakah to your life and to the ones around you and rid yourself of that guilt you feel at the end of every other Ramadhan. Besides, the feeling of ticking off your achievements at the end of the day is phenominal, even priceless.

Click on the link to download the PDF file:

Ramadhan Kareem!

Monday, 6 June 2016

Ramadhan Knocks!

Bismillah Ar-Rahmani Ar-Rahim
(I wrote it earlier but still think its important)
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Allahu Akbar! Just 9 days to Ramadhan! Subhanallah. It is no doubt that the Holy month of the Qur’an is upon us and we pray to Allah swt to let us experience it with full health and commitment Ya Rabb, Ameen. 

For many brothers and sisters, we have experienced that one time where it is chaos at home with mum due to the preparation of the arrival of this guest of yours, cleaning, sorting and mopping everywhere maybe even the ceiling. But after all this is done, ironically you all enjoy their company and have a great time and laugh about it in the end, and, as the Swahili mongers say, ‘mgeni aje, mwenyeji apone’ (loosely translates to let the guest visit so that the villager enjoys)

This is exactly what Ramadhan is all about. We need to prepare for it just as we prepare for the guest otherwise we won’t enjoy their company at all and even more importantly, their Barka (Blessing). 

Have you ever had that one time where you pray Salah and you feel like your Iman jump a step up and you can take on the world with your holiness… that is what Ramadhan should feel like as you savor every moment of this blessed month. But it all begins with a plan and intention, and here is a few tips on how.


Brother Muhammad Alshareef from has piled up a few power tips for its preparation;
Before worrying about Ramadan chores, hours, schedule, etc… make sure you’re set on these 3 general areas of focus:

1. Quran - decide what your goal is this year (improve reading, understanding or memorizing). Make sure you truly come closer to the Book of Allah with your heart. 

2. Dua - plan out the best Dua list of your life. In fact prepare 2 - the master list and the Dream Dua list (a short list of top 6 dreams you want achieved).

3. Sadaqa - get creative this year with acts of charity throughout the month. Don’t overwhelm yourself with one big one… just be consistent with daily acts even if little.

To help you gain the most of this Ramadan, I'm giving you free access to 'Raise Your Dua' ~ A 3 part, full-of-content, video series to transform your mind, heart, and duas- Visionaire style! You'll also get get to download 'Sandal Strap to Jannah~ Six Step Guide in Making Powerful Dua'. Go here to get it now:


Get creative! Giving out sadaqah has to be as frequently as possible to maximize on rewards. Setting out a charity box where you can put in a constant amount everyday so every week end or at the time of your choice you do charity work with the collections in shaa Allah.


Join in as many Reward magnet programs that will keep you busy and active to avoid precious time wasting. The Pumsa Ramadhan Food Drive is one good example where disadvantaged families get to experience Ramadhan with actual Iftar and Suhur  or The #AlhamdulillahFor Series where you do a recap of the things you are thankful for during the month, among countless others. This is vital because this is a blessed month where every good deed is in multitudes than any other time, for 29/30 days. So lets make this month that one Salah that counts in shaa Allah

Finally, I’ll leave you with a productive Muslim link on how to organize your scheduals for busy muslims, especially those in university and those at working environments. Let us give the month of Ramadhan the kind of welcome it deserves, for what comes around, goes right back around. Ramadhan Kareem and Saum Maqbul


The Orphanage Iftaar Program

Bismillah Ar-Rahmani Ar-Rahim
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Asalaam aleykum warahmatullah,

Did you know the word Ramadhan comes from the word Ramad, which literally means 'burning?' Imam Qurtubi: "It was named Ramadhan because it burns the sins of people with good deeds."

Alhamdulillah! Well  Ramadhan is finally amidst us! A month of rahma ( blessings), mercy and forgiveness...a month of reflection, opportunity and preparation...a month where the mind has control the soul, a mere impossibility...a month of the Qur'an, Subhanallah.

What does this tell us? It tells you and me that if we really want to be that person you imagine yourself at the back of your mind, the righteous one, this is your time...our time.  I invite you to join Br. Abdullah Hassan who together with other few brothers have come up with the Orphanage Iftaar Program, a program that is dedicated to suppy iftaar packages to various orphanages around Mombasa. This program not only gives these beloveds of the Prophet SAW an iftaar to remember, but also ensures they have lots more of it for the coming few weeks, Maa Shaa Allah...This is your chance...i mean wouldn't you want to be like as the two fore fingers are with Rasulullah in Jannah... Subhanallah, this is your chance...

Interested in shaa Allah?  The Mpesa number is 0707-052-733.
Bros Opening Fast in style

It was possible last Ramadhan, let us make it bigger, better and more Rewarding in shaa Allah... Let us make Allah SWT Proud.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The School of Facts #4

• Banana is a happy fruit. Eating just one can help relieve irritable emotions, angher and depression
• Eating both strawberries and blueberries protects your brain from aging
• Laughter increases the activity of antibodies in the body by 20%, helping to destroy viruses and tumor cells
• The average person can only remember about 60% of what happened to them yesterday
• 95% of people have dropped their phone on their face while texting in bed. #L.O.L
• When you blush, feel awkward or embarrassed, the inside of your stomach turns red
• The colours you wear tend to account for 62-90% of someone's first impression. People who wear bright colors tend to do better
• 80% of people pretend to text while being involved in an awkward situation...hehe
• Eat slowly. Your body takes 20 minutes to realize its full
• Girls learn to talk earlier, use sentences earlier and tend to read quicker than boys
• When people talk to themselves in third party,, they are able to better control their thoughts, feelings and behaviour, a study found

Behind The Mask

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I wonder of the person cuddled up behind every face I see, behind every smile I glance at, a smile practiced over a mirror wall, apparent only to those who observe. I wonder of their story, their knowledge, their experiences… I wonder of who they really are, how they think, what they like and don’t like… I wonder because every time I look at them, it is not what I see, it is not content nor appreciation of self and I get afraid, afraid that we are all lost…lost from ourselves.

We cannot change the people around us or how they perceive us, nor can we change them or who they are, for the only person who can save you, is you, and that is exclusive of no one. Every time we wait for someone else to save us, we waste every other opportunity to save ourselves because we think of them to look after us not knowing they have themselves to fetch for first. They are also human… they are also as weak as you are and as strong as you can be and if you are waiting for them, they might as well be waiting for you.

I know how hard it is to find yourself.. I know how difficult it gets when you have to choose over your friends, or hold on to one that is no good for you… I get how tiring it is to keep up with circle demands over you, over your time, over who you really are, but the more we keep excusing ourselves from making that one move that will transform our lives for the better, the more it will eat on you and lock you in a place where not even your body you have control of…lock the real you…and before you know it, we lose who we truly are…we thus become, Lost.

Desperation. Every time I look at one I see desperation…soo engraved into them that the slightest compliment sways their reason…soo engraved that they try out questionable wear, they put on pounds of trouble called make up…soo engraved that they are ready to shred away what’s left of them all because they are lost, because they have traded their likes and dislikes, their favorites, their personality all to keep up with their circles and demands of the alleged free world and society as they lock up who they are and throw away the key….

Thus I wonder who they are, of the person cuddled up behind every face I see, behind every smile I glance at, a smile practiced over a mirror wall, apparent only to those who observe… I give you a hammer, and I take one for myself…Now it is all up to you to break that lock and let yourself out of the hole of a home society puts you in and I ask you to be yourself again, because once upon a time, when you had but just mastered walking, you were truly and bluntly, your true self…your Self Behind The Mask   

Ps. Be your true self and the right people will find you. So never be in a hurry to find the right people, be yourself and you will attract your likes. #Time_to_take_off #The_Mask