Sunday, 8 May 2016

The Mirror

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He excused himself from the table. All the life was at the dining as he could hear the muffled laughs of the family over the walls. He turned on the bathroom light and let the sink tap run as he fumbled with the water goofily and closed it. He looked up to meet his image on the wall mirror. 

"Looking gooood"

As he winked off his other self executing some awesome pauses, he was killing it...then he looked to him...through his eyes he looked to the him inside...the him within... all his physical features fading, the world shrinking to a mere illusion for he saw himself...

A soul from which he hides the world from, the soul that yearns for completeness, for a comforter, a confider...a soul that yearns for attention, in a world where attention is the new black. He looked and saw a soul that was in struggle, one between good and bad and all that is between...all the allures...the desires...the heart drawing medusas that he is told to keep from because there is adhab...all the influence he simply cannot avoid nor change...confusion, displacement, retribution, discontentment...the good and evil, ying and yang, colliding within him...within his can he bare, a mere one person...a mere one soul...

As a tear escaped the stores of the eye, cascading down the vertical hill, with perfect viscosity as a shaky sigh broke free from his lips...

Grabbing on to the edges of the sink he leaned in, making sure he rid all the evidence of a moment present. Its hotness cooling with split relief as it rolled down to a drop and 'tap', into the drain.

'Come back with ice dear!' Mom called out from a yonder.

He was motionless, staring into the concave whiteness of the sink, thoughtless, a float...

"Allah does not impose upon any soul a duty but to the extent of its ability"

He mouthed out those noble words of Allah (Swt) into a bare whisper...

'Coming!' He managed a reply.

As he wiped the traces off his face and splash some water to conceal it more. He walked down the hallway with jug of ice in his hand, laughter getting louder and energy more vibrant...forging a smile and a little vigor,

'Now who wants some ice!?!'

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