Monday, 30 May 2016

School of Facts #1

  • Laughter is a panic response when someone tickles you. That's why it's harder to tickle yourself, as the body senses any real danger
  •  Don't make decisions when you are angry. Don't make promises when you are happy
  • Honey is soo easy to digest and get absorbed cause it has already been digested by the bee
  • People who have relatively positive views about a certain religion usually know someone from that Religion 
  • If you label your fear or give it a name, it becomes easier to control
  • Kissing a baby on the ear can make it go deaf?!? Duude...
  • If it takes you more than five minutes to fall asleep, you are probably sleep deprived
  • People become extremely honest, awkward, weird, and or personal during the late night / Early morning.
  • Mosquitoes do not just bite you..they urinate on you after sucking your blood
  • Research shows that it takes only four seconds of awkward silence to significantly  increase your anxiety during a conversation
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