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Pressure, a force ever defiant to constance, mother of dilemma, always demanding for an answer, a decision, an action. It has the power to manifest itself into our lives and kick you out of your comfort zone then turn everything upside down in it, and after so. you can't raise a finger at it. We live its ruins every single day of our lives, some more pronounced than others but the fact is, we are fighting it even if we don't realize it... She walks into a store and looks at these top of the line high fashioned high-heal shoes with just enough money to buy them, and next to them are these beautiful simple black flat shoes... He sets out his choice of clothes, trending skinny jeans with attractive awesome designs that are sure to bag a few points by the end of the day and a normal trousers that he got last time he visited the market...

It a hard choice right, i mean the fashion trenders will make them be liked, admired, looked upto by attention magnets...and their adores are comfortable and free, just the right fit, but wait,what will the people say? My friends are all going to mock me and redicule me, laugh at me, talk bad about me..or maybe reject me. No. Everyone is getting the latest fashon. I have to look good...look cool. It is worth it.

But is it?

I read once somewhere that we fear rejection, crave affection, want attention and dream of perfection. All these are attributes we own naturally because we are Social beings, meaning all our lives circulate around them as we exist. We learn first by observation and develop other ways as we grow and develop. So as we grow and develop, we observe all the social constructs from the simple things like the media, people and their behaviors... i mean the Dexters and Deedis of today came from somewhere you know, not to mention the these attributes are hardwired into our minds, no Sadness(Inside Out) can remove them from our core memories.

The interesting thing about these attributes is that they all revolve around affection. When you think about it, everyone wants to be loved, to be cherished and remembered...everyone desires that special someone who they'll be the spark, the fire that makes them want to run up a hill and act a Bollywood movie, but before the premire, there needs to be Acceptance. Now what our Society does is take these attributes and magnifies them then modify them to serve itself. Think of it this way, imagine you are Maleficent and Society comes to you as Stefan, gains your trust, your hopes and dreams and then Baym! Knife on back...on heart. 

Society makes you believe that you have to follow its constructs, that you have to follow a certain routine, a way of being, of living, and flashes the fear of rejection card at you incase you dare to waver from its rule. It is soo good at this that it has made some believe in this living cycle. But even if we don't realise this, our natural social alarms spike up, they call out to us...when you ask of the purpose of life, when you are tired of following the same routine, when you are tired of everything and everyone....thats You telling you to stop. You don't have to be perfect because no one is, we are human, you don't have to wear those high heels just because society tells you its fabulous, It Hurts or put on that skinny and re-enact both World Wars after you are out of people's view, the spotlight...

Love yourself, Love You... we put on clothes that keep us on our toes because Society tells you thats the only way to be noticed, and then you end up getting more than you bargin for and it all stumble back on to you and guess what, society remains unscaved...

Learn to Love You, learn what You like, what you don't like, what makes you yourself, wh

en a thing disturbs the peace of your heart, leave it, because your heart knows...You are special first to yourself, once you realise that, then you will be special to others, we will all be special...
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