Sunday, 8 May 2016


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Do you ever just lay in bed, slowly comprehending the painful pangs pulsing out of your heart…burning…eating you slowly, making sure it lets you feel the pain of every bite before it takes another, an ache so heavy, agony within that keeps you up and never lets you do anything so that you suffer its anguish, a pain that makes you feel alone, rubbing the fact that the world goes on without you, even the ones that love you are not enough to make it go away, so close yet so far away, so lonely as you see every rule, every principle you set or follow slowly fading away, a mere blur in your eyes as you beg the question of when will all this go away. When because you don’t know if you’ll last much longer, if you can lift that leg to down another step…the fatigue…the pain…so heavy, then come the tears, flowing, cascading freely with no viscosity or any physics applied, hot with emotion….draining the piercing slob of despair from your heart, a true gift to the depressed… And now you lay rest your head atop damp sheets as it cools, with it your heart, finally, a blade of relief, a moment after climax, energy for another step, a reason to march on as your thoughts drift off to wonderland, wondering, jumping from one to the other, body motionless, a slight breath of space, a break, subhanallah… You turn, feeling the cold droplets of water
collected to a patch, heartbeat slowing, breathing, thoughts floating, eyes closing…. Black

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