Sunday, 8 May 2016


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Life. The Prophet s.a.w said life is just but a bridge, a highway leading to your end destination. Every single thing must come to an end it is said, and said is it true. Just like the bridge, everything in life is just temporary. Not your life, not your wealth, the problems, the happiness, good, bad...everything temporary, even you...
When you are doing great in life and i mean Great friends, awesome social life,money, comfort, you got it must keep know and keep in mind that all of that one day will go away, whether gradually or suddenly, either through the Destroyer of Pleasures or as a test... Yaani everything in life was designed to not last forever.
You live life to the fullest, everything's going great, great life, friends, family, but the thing is, when you do not exist anymore, life moves goes on, no matter how famous you are or how loved you are...all will end. Still denying, try breaking up with your gf/bf, or leave someone you who loves you, they will hurt but in the end, they move on. Even when you die, people both close and far to you will mourn you and then, move on, leaving you all and alone...just as how you came into this world, alone. So before you decide to go YOLO on life, think for a seçoñd that you will leave as you came, Alone
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