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Alhamdulillah, we just finished the three day International Nubian Culture Extravaganza the other day and it was epic. We had all these awesome blends of food and culture, coz everyone loves food first, and just seeing your way of life before you is just rejuvenating and gives you a sense of being. It was simply, AJEEBALICIOUS 

We, who were born during the nineties, are the last generation whose baby pictures were taken by an actual camera, the kind you had to wait for a day or two before you see the photos so you had to do practise runs before the actual pic was taken, no delete button, them days tongue emoticon. Anyways,the invention of the internet marked the end of tradition among families, not to mention the emergence of smart phones and satellite tv, which Aleyhi swalatu wa salaam prophesized and with it, a division of families and breaking of kith and kinships. Youth are now immersed into the world of technology at the price of their cultures.

Personally i am a technology agonist and its not a teaser when i talk about becoming night owls and night runners when we take shifts in liveliness of our houses with family or become cavemen given the tremendous amount of time we spend indoors. I mean its awesome having to watch every production gold worth of series and movies but whether we notice it or not, it takes a huge toll on our health and worst of all for pips like us, our E.qs,and you start feeling like you are lonely, or doubt your self you are wasting ur potential and life (which you are, no offense tongue emoticon)...and then you channel all your messed up emotions to the outside world, feeling rejected and afraid to put yourself out there coz you become wise from lessons taught by Dr.Movie bin Flicks...and that is when it becomes too much...when the world becomes too big for you...for us.

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This is why culture appeals to me soo much. I hear culture and the first thing i think is that group of people who base their lives in the wild of nature, mingling with the earth..the green...always satisfied with what they have, no greed nor need for tech need for uv emitting devices that thank you with migraines or the socio-demand that presses on you to know and analyse alot of nothing because thats the only way to need for the world on your shoulders, your need for the world in your life, Beautiful.

Allah subhana wata'ala split us into many tribes so that we may interact and pro act with one another, share our differences and learn to be One, subanallah. Your culture Is your Origin story and from that you forge your own destiny. And even though i do not agree with some of its practises because am Muslim and for some, human, culture is what defines you, what makes you unique...what makes you You. Learn it, love it, share it. Besides, Allah (sw) chose it for you, how about you make Him proud...

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