Tuesday, 31 May 2016

School of Facts #3

  • Psychologists have found that whenever you’re in a bad mood, you can feel better just by forcing yourself to smile
  • Gift givers tend to choose gifts that are desirable but impractical, but gift receivers prefer the more practical option, studies show. #Be_Practical
  • According to one study, just 50 out of 20,000 people could tell when someone was lying based on body language with more than 80% accuracy. That is a very small number...
  • Bad handwriting? Keep this in mind: more intelligent people tend to think faster, and as a result their handwriting is more sloppy. I wish English teachers knew this fact...
  • The average person has 4 to 7 dreams a night, within a total of one to two hours.
  • Research finds that kids who enjoy family meals have larger vocabularies, better manners, healthier diets, and higher self-esteem
  • There are two ways of being rich: One is to have all you want, the other is to be satisfied with what you have. The latter is easier, your choice really
  • There are more than 5 vacant houses for every homeless person in America. Wow...
  • Lack of sleep can cause weight gain of 2 pounds (0.9 kg) in under a week. All my efforts?!?
  • A study found that cats do not necessarily have a preference for their owners over strangers. Ouchiwawa for all cat owners

The School of Facts #2

  • Chocolate ice cream can reduce and relieve mental stress
  • If you want to quit smoking, go to a sauna for 3days in a row and you'll sweat out all the nicotine which will make it easier to quit
  • Going to sleep at the same time every night increases your chances of having a good night's sleep
  • If you put an egg in water and it floats, don't consume it, its  bad and should be thrown away. A fresh egg will sink to the bottom 
  • People who tend to cry when they are happy are also the ones who giggle inappropriately during a tense exchange, research shows
  • People will not always tell you how they feel, bit they will show you. Pay attention
  • Your sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than your sense of taste. So if you tasting the smell, duuudee
  • Kakakku kata kuku kaki kiriku kaku- ku kikis kuku kaki kiriku, is tge toughest tongue twister in Malay
  • In the original story of "The Little Mermaid", Ariel doesn't marry the prince, she marrys someone else, and then she kills herself...wow, i kñow
  • Experts claim that a trithful person answers a follow-up questions with more details, a lair sticks to the same basic answers.

Monday, 30 May 2016

School of Facts #1

  • Laughter is a panic response when someone tickles you. That's why it's harder to tickle yourself, as the body senses any real danger
  •  Don't make decisions when you are angry. Don't make promises when you are happy
  • Honey is soo easy to digest and get absorbed cause it has already been digested by the bee
  • People who have relatively positive views about a certain religion usually know someone from that Religion 
  • If you label your fear or give it a name, it becomes easier to control
  • Kissing a baby on the ear can make it go deaf?!? Duude...
  • If it takes you more than five minutes to fall asleep, you are probably sleep deprived
  • People become extremely honest, awkward, weird, and or personal during the late night / Early morning.
  • Mosquitoes do not just bite you..they urinate on you after sucking your blood
  • Research shows that it takes only four seconds of awkward silence to significantly  increase your anxiety during a conversation
  • Sunday, 29 May 2016

    The Legend Of Mzee Shali

    Photo Courtesy ; Al-Khazraj

    What do you show for when you’ve been to the coast of Kenya… How do you express others of your home, where the earth meets the ocean… Well I have an answer…. No words

    From a man who is rumored to be the first man to plant the mangroves, comes an art soo breath-taking and speak a million words that one needs not to say a single letter of it. By the power of his mind and the might of his hands, Mzee Shali Mwalimu a.k.a Mzee Mambo has found a way to present all the cultural heritage of this beautiful coastal strip in a single frame of sheer beauty one at a time from his humble homestead at Ngomeni, after Malindi.

    So contact Mzee Mambo and give yourself the pleasure of carrying a little bit of the Coast, where ever you go for truly, “simambo madogo” (they are not minute)

    Contact; +254713290481

    He's Chinese?!?

    King of the Corals

    Wall Ray

    Wall Turtle

    Sting Ray ain't that painful

    Beauty is fly with the Butterfly

    The Endangered sea creature, The Turtle

    Sunday, 8 May 2016

    Right Back At Ya

    Photo Courtesy: es.123rf.com
     I remember when we used to be kids and we would be taught and told about what's wrong and what's right, in ,madrasas and the occasional home scolding, and what would happen if we crossed the borders set for us in Islam...they were more like rules set by our parents and teachers, since they would get angry at us for crossing them. But as we got older and more mature, we started to grasp the concept because the rules seemed more harsh with scary consequences from what we read in the Noble Qur'an amongst others.

    I remember when curiosity took sail and we wanted to see what really happens because ustadh and dad there are telling us not to do this, Why? So we do it. And quite frankly, nothing happens. And we do it again and again and again, more exciting each time, until we get caught and baba is really angry and maybe even punishes you, but not the one you were taught in madrasa, the one ustadh told us or that book, the Qur'an keeps repeating over and over...

    I remember when its a habit now. No one knows what you are doing cause you the expert now, covering your tracks like a bad boy Sherlock Holmes version, as long as you are careful momma and ba don't find out, especially from that nosey aunt and her hababa. Its all going well until that one slip up you make, the one you are sure you'll not sleep at home that night, forget the supper. Its hectic, maybe a few belts but A-lot of words and sometimes tears, but still nothing from what the fiqh and tawheed books you used to cram, not even close...

    You are mature now, probably after high school and its either family has given you your space or you could write a book on the art of deception for that primary need you once thought of as habit, lol, ati habit. You are more conscious than ever of what you are doing and you know its against religion to do it, but you still do, i mean you are having the time of your life and everything's turning out good for you, doors opening up, life looking on...nothing bad has happened yet, so we must be good for the One above is Most Merciful.

    But suddenly, out of nowhere, things start falling apart.. Everything's going south, everyone you know is heading the opposite direction, friends become strangers, unnecessary drama exploding all directions, no one gets you, everybody against you...and then you remember...ustadh used to say the Almighty is ever there, and dua is a weapon of the believer, but you were muslim lakini you have no other options, so you get that Fardh prayer and you ask for His Help, crying out to Him...hoping on His Mercy... And a few days later, things are starting to look up again, Alhamdulillah. You meet up with that good friend and you're back in track after a few jokes and memory swipes, feeling loved again, together again, making more memories again...the same memories again...again...same again...the same again, back to the same again... But wait, Allah swt said there is a devastating punishment for those who cross boundaries, subhanallah, i need to change my life...I'll be doing dhikr...baby steps in shaa Allah...

    I know. Its how life is, i know. I know we are living in an era where sticking to your deen is like holding a hot coal...a Hot Coal! The Prophet saw was 100% accurate to us that phrase because this is just a bitter hard world to live in as per religion so believe me, i know. I also know that the soul, physical entity or not, is part of your body and it is connected to it and when Allah swt says our desires will destroy our souls making them black and hard, He also is saying it will take down our bodies with them when they harden. So believe me when i tell you that even though every time we follow our desires and sacrifice our imaan to them, we get a physical symptom from our physical bodies telling us hey, you just sinned, just like it tells you through migraines a part of your body is in trouble and guess what the soul is...a part of Your body, a part of you... and after today, by Allah believe you me i saw from the smallest of things, things that we neglect and term minute, came the most shaking thing that you could not have even imagined can happen to you so believe you me when i tell you, every single tiny bit of thing we do, whether good or bad, Will circle back to us, first in this life and the more scarier after life, may Allah Protect us.

    I get the fact that there is no swahaba of the 21st century, (in the context of piousness) i get that, but does it mean we are not supposed to try being like one....

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    Photo Courtesy : en.wikipedia.org

    Pressure, a force ever defiant to constance, mother of dilemma, always demanding for an answer, a decision, an action. It has the power to manifest itself into our lives and kick you out of your comfort zone then turn everything upside down in it, and after so. you can't raise a finger at it. We live its ruins every single day of our lives, some more pronounced than others but the fact is, we are fighting it even if we don't realize it... She walks into a store and looks at these top of the line high fashioned high-heal shoes with just enough money to buy them, and next to them are these beautiful simple black flat shoes... He sets out his choice of clothes, trending skinny jeans with attractive awesome designs that are sure to bag a few points by the end of the day and a normal trousers that he got last time he visited the market...

    It a hard choice right, i mean the fashion trenders will make them be liked, admired, looked upto by others...be attention magnets...and their adores are comfortable and free, just the right fit, but wait,what will the people say? My friends are all going to mock me and redicule me, laugh at me, talk bad about me..or maybe reject me. No. Everyone is getting the latest fashon. I have to look good...look cool. It is worth it.

    But is it?

    I read once somewhere that we fear rejection, crave affection, want attention and dream of perfection. All these are attributes we own naturally because we are Social beings, meaning all our lives circulate around them as we exist. We learn first by observation and develop other ways as we grow and develop. So as we grow and develop, we observe all the social constructs from the simple things like the media, people and their behaviors... i mean the Dexters and Deedis of today came from somewhere you know, not to mention the eddies...so these attributes are hardwired into our minds, no Sadness(Inside Out) can remove them from our core memories.

    The interesting thing about these attributes is that they all revolve around affection. When you think about it, everyone wants to be loved, to be cherished and remembered...everyone desires that special someone who they'll be the spark, the fire that makes them want to run up a hill and act a Bollywood movie, but before the premire, there needs to be Acceptance. Now what our Society does is take these attributes and magnifies them then modify them to serve itself. Think of it this way, imagine you are Maleficent and Society comes to you as Stefan, gains your trust, your hopes and dreams and then Baym! Knife on back...on heart. 

    Society makes you believe that you have to follow its constructs, that you have to follow a certain routine, a way of being, of living, and flashes the fear of rejection card at you incase you dare to waver from its rule. It is soo good at this that it has made some believe in this living cycle. But even if we don't realise this, our natural social alarms spike up, they call out to us...when you ask of the purpose of life, when you are tired of following the same routine, when you are tired of everything and everyone....thats You telling you to stop. You don't have to be perfect because no one is, we are human, you don't have to wear those high heels just because society tells you its fabulous, It Hurts or put on that skinny and re-enact both World Wars after you are out of people's view, the spotlight...

    Love yourself, Love You... we put on clothes that keep us on our toes because Society tells you thats the only way to be noticed, and then you end up getting more than you bargin for and it all stumble back on to you and guess what, society remains unscaved...

    Learn to Love You, learn what You like, what you don't like, what makes you laugh...be yourself, wh

    en a thing disturbs the peace of your heart, leave it, because your heart knows...You are special first to yourself, once you realise that, then you will be special to others, we will all be special...
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    Photo Courtesy : quotations.about.com

    Life. The Prophet s.a.w said life is just but a bridge, a highway leading to your end destination. Every single thing must come to an end it is said, and said is it true. Just like the bridge, everything in life is just temporary. Not your life, not your wealth, the problems, the happiness, good, bad...everything temporary, even you...
    When you are doing great in life and i mean Great friends, awesome social life,money, comfort, you got it all...you must keep know and keep in mind that all of that one day will go away, whether gradually or suddenly, either through the Destroyer of Pleasures or as a test... Yaani everything in life was designed to not last forever.
    You live life to the fullest, everything's going great, great life, friends, family, but the thing is, when you do not exist anymore, life moves on...life goes on, no matter how famous you are or how loved you are...all will end. Still denying, try breaking up with your gf/bf, or leave someone you who loves you, they will hurt but in the end, they move on. Even when you die, people both close and far to you will mourn you and then, move on, leaving you all alone...one and alone...just as how you came into this world, alone. So before you decide to go YOLO on life, think for a seçoñd that you will leave as you came, Alone
    Courtesy of Borne 

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    Photo Courtesy: w-dog.net

    Do you ever just lay in bed, slowly comprehending the painful pangs pulsing out of your heart…burning…eating you slowly, making sure it lets you feel the pain of every bite before it takes another, an ache so heavy, agony within that keeps you up and never lets you do anything so that you suffer its anguish, a pain that makes you feel alone, rubbing the fact that the world goes on without you, even the ones that love you are not enough to make it go away, so close yet so far away, so lonely as you see every rule, every principle you set or follow slowly fading away, a mere blur in your eyes as you beg the question of when will all this go away. When because you don’t know if you’ll last much longer, if you can lift that leg to down another step…the fatigue…the pain…so heavy, then come the tears, flowing, cascading freely with no viscosity or any physics applied, hot with emotion….draining the piercing slob of despair from your heart, a true gift to the depressed… And now you lay rest your head atop damp sheets as it cools, with it your heart, finally, a blade of relief, a moment after climax, energy for another step, a reason to march on as your thoughts drift off to wonderland, wondering, jumping from one to the other, body motionless, a slight breath of space, a break, subhanallah… You turn, feeling the cold droplets of water
    collected to a patch, heartbeat slowing, breathing, thoughts floating, eyes closing…. Black

    The Imam Story

    Photo Courtesy: anamcara.ch

    It is I'shaa time and the prayers have just started and you rush out of the house recalling what your mom has sent you and you start thinking of the shop and what you talked with the owner about yesterday and how he was and then, 'Aamiiin!' Your thoughts are interupted by the end of surah Al Faatiha. You increase your speed because even though you do not know what surah the imam is now reciting, every end of those verses feels like he's going to make that rukuu.

    You reach the masjid and almost hit that guy on your way to take wudhuu (ablution) not to mention the salaam you dodged from akhy at the door. Alhamdulillah you find that middle tap that has no one using it and the wudhuu competitions begin. You are almost done when the imam reads the most famous takbir among the youth, 'Allahu Akbar!' The rukuu! And thats when your brain short circuits. You quickly put water on your feet and rush to get that rakaa but make sure you move just slow enough not to run and as you finally near the saf to join the salah, Al Ibtidal, as you see the imam standing up to greet you with the second rakaa and all the effort you have done is now gone and with it, the perfection of giving all the other actions their rights before the prayer.

    It is not a new subject to the muslim youth especially akhys on the matter of rukuus and rak'aats and how some have even invented ways like loudly making all the dhikrs and inna llaha ma'aa aswabirin-s (Allah is with the patient) during this rush hour of a moment, which is forbidden actually and la'nas (curses) are upon those who disrupt the peace in salaah, and in this short story of our lives we can learn soo many lessons (please comment on what you've learnt) but i am going to highlight just one in shaa Allah.

    We walk into that masjid knowing that the imam would go off at any time and that is why some invented the 'high iman moment' in hopes of slowing the imam down. But after all that, the hurry, the one time dhikrs, all go in to the drain. This is the concept of Expectancy re-defined. Allah (swt) created us as imperfect beings, capable of mistakes, of faults and that is why one of the names He refers to us in His Noble Qur'an is Al Insaan, that literally means the one who forgets, and this Insaan is what fills the whole world.

    We meet different people in our walks of life and for each we brand a status onto them. But with a status comes certain expectations and conforming in those expectations is where we go wrong. Whether they are shaykhs, prominent people, inspirers, loved ones...whether they are anyones or everyones, they are still the same people in the world, they are still Al- Insaan, they are imperfect....and once you expect from the imperfect, you will always be disappointed. Don't get me wrong, everyone has a duty and responsibility to fulfil and when they come short of it once in awhile, you have the right to be disappointed but never forget that they are hardwired to make mistakes and they are just like you because Al kamalu lillah, the Perfect One is Allah swt.

    They say neccesity is the mother of invention, as Expectancy is the mother of disappointment, except when it is from Allah. Everyone will have shortcomings and be the Imam to the one rak'aa you miss, that is inevitable. But what is not is how much you get disappointed in them and how much understanding you can be. If we can change how we view people and their mishaps and remember to think of how we are all imperfect then that becomes the first step to forgiveness, healing and ultimately happiness.

    Lastly, lets all expect from Allah (SWT) for He is The Most Merciful and Everything He puts in your way, whether good or bad in your eyes, is for the Best for you. Like the mother who shows the heartful amount of Mercy she shows her child after loosing then finding him(er), Allah (SWT) is that and much more for Allah's Mercy is so that the human mind cannot comprehend, subhanallah. Trust in Allah and trust that every single disappointment is but a test for He made us all as Al-Insaan, the perfectly imperfect beings, and you shall surely lead a peacefully jovial and happy life in shaa Allah.

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    Guest Article

    Photo Courtesy: theodysseyonline.com

    By Ahmed Ali

    Asaalam aleykum
    warahamatul-llahi wabarakatuh.....

    Dedicated to all my brothers and sisters...
    Which things brings about happiness?

    1.Good deeds:
    (whoever works righteousness, whether male or female, while he or she is a true believer of Islamic Monotheism verily,to him We will give a good life in the world with respect,contentment and lawful provision...) (Quran 16:97)

    2. A pious wife
    (Our lord! Bestow on us from our wives and our offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes...) (Quran 25:74)

    3. A spacious house:
    The Prophet (SAW) said:
    "O' Allah, make my house spacious for me."

    4. Sustenance that is derived and earned through honest means:
    The Messenger of Allah(SAW) said: "Verily,Allah is Tayyib(good and pure),He does not accept other than good and pure."

    5.Good manners and a spirit of fellowship with people:
    (And He has made me blessed wheresoever I be....) (Quran 19:31)

    6.Being debt-free and being a profligate spender:
    ( And those who,when they spend,are neithe

    r extravagant nor niggardly...) (Quran 25:67)
    (And let not your hand be tied like a miser to your neck,nor stretch it forth to its reach(like a spendthrift)) (Quran 17:29)

    "Happiness is a choice. You are the only person who can make you happy. You're as Happy as you choose to be ...." Rick Wazzen
    Now is Up to you to decide because happiness is not what happens to you, but how you choose to respond to what happens....

    @Ahmed Ali ‪#‎Don‬'t be sad...

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    Photo Courtesy: www.indianmirror.com


    Alhamdulillah, we just finished the three day International Nubian Culture Extravaganza the other day and it was epic. We had all these awesome blends of food and culture, coz everyone loves food first, and just seeing your way of life before you is just rejuvenating and gives you a sense of being. It was simply, AJEEBALICIOUS 

    We, who were born during the nineties, are the last generation whose baby pictures were taken by an actual camera, the kind you had to wait for a day or two before you see the photos so you had to do practise runs before the actual pic was taken, no delete button, them days tongue emoticon. Anyways,the invention of the internet marked the end of tradition among families, not to mention the emergence of smart phones and satellite tv, which Aleyhi swalatu wa salaam prophesized and with it, a division of families and breaking of kith and kinships. Youth are now immersed into the world of technology at the price of their cultures.

    Personally i am a technology agonist and its not a teaser when i talk about becoming night owls and night runners when we take shifts in liveliness of our houses with family or become cavemen given the tremendous amount of time we spend indoors. I mean its awesome having to watch every production gold worth of series and movies but whether we notice it or not, it takes a huge toll on our health and worst of all for pips like us, our E.qs,and you start feeling like you are lonely, or doubt your self worth...like you are wasting ur potential and life (which you are, no offense tongue emoticon)...and then you channel all your messed up emotions to the outside world, feeling rejected and afraid to put yourself out there coz you become wise from lessons taught by Dr.Movie bin Flicks...and that is when it becomes too much...when the world becomes too big for you...for us.

    *Congratulations for making it this far!!! 2 more to go! Shred away reader grin emoticon

    This is why culture appeals to me soo much. I hear culture and the first thing i think is that group of people who base their lives in the wild of nature, mingling with the earth..the green...always satisfied with what they have, no greed nor need for tech complexes...no need for uv emitting devices that thank you with migraines or the socio-demand that presses on you to know and analyse alot of nothing because thats the only way to talk.....no need for the world on your shoulders, your head...no need for the world in your life, Beautiful.

    Allah subhana wata'ala split us into many tribes so that we may interact and pro act with one another, share our differences and learn to be One, subanallah. Your culture Is your Origin story and from that you forge your own destiny. And even though i do not agree with some of its practises because am Muslim and for some, human, culture is what defines you, what makes you unique...what makes you You. Learn it, love it, share it. Besides, Allah (sw) chose it for you, how about you make Him proud...

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    The Mirror

                                         Photo courtesy: Pinterest.com

    He excused himself from the table. All the life was at the dining as he could hear the muffled laughs of the family over the walls. He turned on the bathroom light and let the sink tap run as he fumbled with the water goofily and closed it. He looked up to meet his image on the wall mirror. 

    "Looking gooood"

    As he winked off his other self executing some awesome pauses, he was killing it...then he looked to him...through his eyes he looked to the him inside...the him within... all his physical features fading, the world shrinking to a mere illusion for he saw himself...

    A soul from which he hides the world from, the soul that yearns for completeness, for a comforter, a confider...a soul that yearns for attention, in a world where attention is the new black. He looked and saw a soul that was in struggle, one between good and bad and all that is between...all the allures...the desires...the heart drawing medusas that he is told to keep from because there is adhab...all the influence he simply cannot avoid nor change...confusion, displacement, retribution, discontentment...the good and evil, ying and yang, colliding within him...within his soul...how can he bare, a mere one person...a mere one soul...

    As a tear escaped the stores of the eye, cascading down the vertical hill, with perfect viscosity as a shaky sigh broke free from his lips...

    Grabbing on to the edges of the sink he leaned in, making sure he rid all the evidence of a moment present. Its hotness cooling with split relief as it rolled down to a drop and 'tap', into the drain.

    'Come back with ice dear!' Mom called out from a yonder.

    He was motionless, staring into the concave whiteness of the sink, thoughtless, a float...

    "Allah does not impose upon any soul a duty but to the extent of its ability"

    He mouthed out those noble words of Allah (Swt) into a bare whisper...

    'Coming!' He managed a reply.

    As he wiped the traces off his face and splash some water to conceal it more. He walked down the hallway with jug of ice in his hand, laughter getting louder and energy more vibrant...forging a smile and a little vigor,

    'Now who wants some ice!?!'