Friday, 2 March 2018

The Path You Own

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Have you ever gotten that small panic feeling when someone you know realizes one of their achievements and gets recognized and famed rapidly in praise or someone you think you know very well and get to find out that they're doing something so great and focused in their lives?

This feeling leaves you genuinely shocked because you realize how much others are doing whilst you sit back and it even goes to the extent of making you hate yourself. The worst case scenario of it is when it drives us to start picking out the imperfections and faults of that achievements to bring them back to our level and more so to try to make us feel good about ourselves. A phenomenon commonly know as the Evil Eyeball.

But all this comes from one mistake we all endeavor, Comparison. 

We fail time and again to realize that each and everyone to ever walk the earth is not the same; so much so that every single one of them had their own unique fingerprint, to date. And so what will work for them isn't what will work for you. We've seen it from students who study under the same scholar to twins born from the same womb: no two people are the same nor will they ever be.

What we need to remember when this feeling comes along is that, every single one of us is in their own path. If the people around you are achieving it just means they've reached at that point in their paths and there's no comparison you can make to will your paths same because they are made from different materials and terrain...

All we have to do is think of one or three things we'd want to attain by the end of the year and work on them. And when we know what we are going for, perspective, come someone who'll win all the achievement medals in the world, we'll simply praise them for their uniqueness and continue working on ours. Because at the end of the day, achieving something you've been working on is bliss for you and you alone. Recognition is just a varying bonus that comes and goes independent of how much effort you put in for your goal.

So study what makes up your path and start walking. For surely, that is the path you solely own.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

The Price

Photo Courtesy: the Hollywood Review; An Insignificant Man

Today I dedicate this not only to every change maker I know and met, but also to you, dear reader. For with every ounce of life dancing in your muscles comes a dream...

 A dream that I exchange my silent brain at night with. A hope, a belief that gorges through the Rubin in my veins. A dream that makes me believe in people; believe in you.

I believe that when you treat people like the people they can become, then they are surely to become better than they were ever to be if you treat them as they are. 

So put on your imagination hats and picture me sitting next to you in a room, at the length side of the table and you at the width. Next to our table are two other tables joined with it with chairs set neatly around as their elongated back rests tower considerably over the tables

Their spongy nature laced with chocolate brown leather covers compliment the color of the oak tree tables and the overall dark brown theme of the pastry shop that renders an airborne theme of safety over the semi-busy space. 

We received our orders of hot coffee in restaurant-size coffee mugs in internal savour as we continue with our catching up small talk, waiting for the others to arrive.

I paused for a moment and put down the mug, restraining myself in the middle of a tongue bliss sip...


He took a silent breath and drowned the thought of anxieties floating in his tummy with decisiveness. And then he begun,

" I've always wanted to have a deep conversation with you; where we can geek off about art, about deep books and coffee, or about how the stars are soaked in deep blue depth. I've always wanted to share my likes and discover yours. And I know it in my gut and bones that when we'd share, it'd have been amazing because at one moment in all of that, we would have been ourselves, our true selves, and we'd be enjoying every bit of that moment.

But then I came to realize that the world needs us. 
People like you and me. 
The people need us. 

They need you. 

They need your love, your care, your concern. They need your heart and your ideas and mind. No matter how small. Whether it's the passing smile you give to the one you have no time left for or the attention you give to the other who approaches you for some. 

Because you know.

You know of the ones who hang on a thread of hope in living. Of the ones who pray for ease in their heft of worries, of the ones who need just a little affection, motivation, a little shove to soar into the infinity heights of the sky. 

And you've understood that you'll have to give up what you'd enjoy for yourself; be it sipping a coffee as you delve into a romantic timeless novel and cosy up in your favourite chair beside the window next to the fire place during winter season, without worrying about what tomorrow will bring or, be it the simple pleasures of travelling to beautiful places and savouring the peace of growing your talents...

It's because you've realized that this life is a journey. And whatever you've given up, whatever you'll go through, will happen Here. The pain that surges, the hurt that beats, the wear that dissipates, all from serving those in need, that price will end when the journey is completed. Because in this life, it is only when we give, do we receive tenfold. And the joy and smiles that come with it is what keeps you going.

And that no matter how many supportive friends you have, no matter how much love your family fairs to you, this journey will only be walked by you. 

You alone. 

That is the price

And in the end of it all, birahmatillah, it will all be worth the struggle. Worth the while.

And you'll finally be at peace.

With yourself. 
For yourself.

So I wish you farewell
And pray that we all meet after this journey someday...
That day...
So we can geek off on all the things ourselves can dream of
Without the need calling for us today


He put on a side smirk and tilted his head as he shrugged it off as if acknowledging the level of understanding he had thrown to the table and at the same time as if it was but a mere snide comment. 

He cleared his throat lightly and carried on,
"Ok, so I had this idea for our next project..." 

Wednesday, 27 December 2017


Writer's Note
Hey guys, I know it's been a long time since I posted anything. It's because of some technical setbacks but as always, we learn to adopt as well so today, as the year ends, here is a tribute to all of you beautiful souls choosing to take the next step after life breaks both legs. 

It is no wonder from divine texts to old folk sayings they utter, 
 "With hardship comes ease"
Meaning that with every trail, a freedom lies within. All we have to do is look for them.

Anywho, I hope y'all can take something beneficial from this. And even better, be inspired by it. Besides, that's what I live for with every piece I post 🍁
I give you, The Crumble 🍂 Source your inner child and get your imagination going. It's as deep as you're willing it to be...Enjoy 😊

He sat there,
Staring, as the lights living on buildings passed by, 
A yonder,
His heart opening,
With tiny nuclear explosions running along its length,
Forming their umbrellas of destruction only to be sucked down into the Black Void,
Growing in size as it's ridges continuously collapse into its abyss,
Engulfing the heart,
Swallowing it like a black hole devouring clusters of stars,
As a translucent layer of jell constantly tries to form over it,
Translucent to the internal light of hope.

His heart beating in spindles,
Like being underwater,
Hanging on to a vine that glides through the oceans,
Cutting across currents that persistently try to loosen his grip with their sparkly luring flows.

He shuts his eyelids close and feels it...

And amidst the fiery sword,
Piercing through his heart to the last muscle on the skin of his back, 
Amidst the darkness,
The blackness of his closed eyes he feels it,
Feels it all,
His lungs inhaling steadily as his breath matched at par,


Air so cool and heart glistening with burn...

His eyes relaxed as if in sleep, 
And amidst it all,
Amidst the Crumble,
He was at Peace

Wednesday, 6 December 2017


Photo Courtesy: Saatchi Art

I will Fight for You

I will fight with my soul

Fight my mind

My flesh, blood and the marrow in my bones

I will Fight

To the last of my breath

Even when I fall

I will fight

Fight with my zeal

Fight each and every relay of order roaring through the network of nerves in my being

I will fight

Fight with my heart

That so easily changes sides and so fondly masks regret

Saving it for my struggle

Saving it to implode on my efforts

Bury them in guilt
Disguising them by shame

Serving a master of deceit and hollow fame

A puppet to amplify my flaws

But I will Fight

No matter the situation

Amidst any indignation

In every formidable quo

I will Fight…



ALL, for you…